Sunday, September 13, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Winning True Forever Friends

When it comes to winning true forever friends, the most important factor is that they accept you for who and what you are and you accept them for the same reason. Like attracts like. That is known as compatibility. A true forever friend will be aware of your faults and sometimes disagree with what you think but they will not ask you to change.

What you need to guard against when winning a friendship is being too eager and almost bribing someone to be your friend. This can occur when you are trying to win over someone that in your mind at least could be advantageous to your career or standing in the community.

When winning true forever friends you have to face the fact that for some reason or other there are people that just won't like you. Don't let this disturb you or lower your self worth. They just aren't your type of people and never would be a true friend.

What will attract people to you is projecting confidence, an outgoing personality and sense of humor. Everyone wants to be around someone that is upbeat, because they draw inspiration from this type of individual.

On the other hand, if you are a pessimist, you can't blame people for staying away from you. The pessimist has just the opposite effect of the upbeat person, instead of inspiring they bring people down.

The secret to winning true forever friends, is to always exude a positive aura. If you are happy with who and what you are people feel it and want to be associated with you. It's all in communicating that inner glow and making people glad to be in your presence.

A word of warning here, this aura of confidence cannot be faked. When you try to be something that you are not, it can be spotted a mile away. It doesn't matter how you look on the outside, if you don't see and feel the confidence on the inside, if you don't truly love and respect yourself others will not be fooled.

For some people these skills come naturally, but for most of us they must be developed. The personality that has developed since childhood may need to be drastically changed. This could be hard work but it will be well worth it because it will pay off in huge benefits in the long run.

What is important is that you realize that by acquiring these skills, you will not only be using the Law of Attraction for winning true forever friends but you will become a better all around person.

By using the law of attraction in winning true forever friends, you are manifesting a miracle. This can carry you to success and happiness in all areas of your life. Once you begin your journey to becoming the person that is confident and oozes a positive aura, you will be amazed at how good you feel and how many things you can accomplish that you thought were impossible. Indeed you will be manifesting a miracle.

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