Saturday, September 26, 2009

6 Bubbles:

Your birthday, really??

HAPPY BIRTDAY then, big sis!

Keep up with the great blogging and positive vibes :)

Hey, positive thinking here, Wenny, ur certainly not that old..well at least you don't look that old to me. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and may your belief in the law of attraction bring you greater joy this year and beyond. Glad to have found you on the cyberspace.

Hey Lil'Bro, one thing I've learnt this days is "Everyday should be lived like it's my birthday." Only then will I truly appreciate God's gift to me.

Anyway, I'm not pulling your legs, it's my birthday ... REALLY!

One more star on my stairway to heaven ... hehehe!

Thank you very much Alice. Appreciate the well-wishes very much. Definitely going to take in every minute of the day, especially TODAY.

Happy Birthday!!! Here's wishing you another 46 great years, full of good health, vitality, love and joy. And wealth, of course.

Whoever you are Anonymous, thanks alot for the list of well-wishes ... the whole nine yards of it.