Friday, September 18, 2009

My Bubble: I've Been Left Behind ...

New friends come ... old friends left ...

I like to make friends. I'm always looking forward to making new friends. But making new friends is never easy. For me, undoubtedly. That's why for any friends I've made, I will be so eternally grateful.

I have made many friends in my life ... from the school days, former colleagues, new colleagues, business associates turned friends or even friends' friends. These days, I've also made many in the blogosphere. Sadly, friends come and they go ... sometimes without a word. Some left, waving 'sayonara' to be unheard from ever again. Ocassionally, I get to bump into old friends who has however turned into strangers.

But the hardest is when friends, 'Close Friends' or 'Special Friends', leave me behind when they have newfound friends or newfound interests. Twice harder, when they turned into strangers ... we're no more in the same loop.

Perhaps I have my shortcomings but when the inclusion becomes lesser, the sense of rejection becomes stronger ... the sense of belonging disappears!


“SELF-PITY is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.”

by Helen Keller


4 Bubbles:

我们朋友巴! 可以吗? ^^

Yes, friends come and go, true true. I left so many behind in Batu Pahat, but what can i do? My ex broke up and it was already hard to set my life in a new direction. So now I'm trying to make new friends and so far, the online friends are really great. I can easily connect with foreigners, so it's quite fun. How about you?

I believe tat there is a reason for people entering and leaving your life. I've had similar experiences with friends as you have.

Likewise MKL. It is fun and I get excited each time I made a new friend online. Frankly, friends across borders are easier to connect than the ones right in front of us. I treasure every friend I've got.

Hi there Cascia. I guess this situation can happen to anyone and anywhere.

To me, if we truly treasure the friendship, it goes both way to make it grow and last. It takes two hands to clap, don't you agree?