Monday, September 14, 2009

My Bubble: Just Shoot Me!

Am I my friend or am I my WORST ENEMY?

Of late, my mind has been a jumbled-mix of worry, disappointment, frustration and distrust. I've become judgemental too. I seemed to be reluctantly drawn into negative self-talks inside my head. Why? Why have I allowed myself to stray onto this path, knowing pretty well that this is a direction that I'm never ever suppose to take. Why?

Everything had been fine ... all things were unfolding in the right way for me, even now. So why am I doing this to me? My self-sobatage is rocking the boat and there's just no rational explanation for this!

Help me ... help me seek clarity again! I need positive energies!!


4 Bubbles:

I seem to be like you sometimes. It's a phase, it happens. Now and then we tend to question everything. Maybe it's our body. Even the kindest person can have a bad day and be frustrated. You can't always be 100% yourself.

I really needed that assurance. Thanks MKL. You have surely helped!

You're welcome. I'm good at cheering people up and making them feel better :-)

Hahaha!!! Great MKL, please pop in more often!