Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Bubble: Keeping My Spirit Afloat

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds," says Albert Einstein.

It is inevitable that we move amongst others who chooses mediocrity. We are willing to embrace change, they are not. We are willing to make sacrifices, they are not. We are willing to brave the unknown but ...

There will be times when our positive outlook is frowned upon, our gungho attitude is shot down and our efforts for change are challenged negatively. We want to move forward, changing to improve ourselves for the better and along the way, perhaps rub-off on others who are looking to change their lives too or vice-versa.

How can we keep our spirit afloat amongst this crowd? Sadly sometimes, they could turn-out to be our nearest kin or friends.

I trust the universe is unfolding my life in the right way. I've observed all the undeniable proofs and I am proud of them, no matter big or small. This can only mean that I'm doing things right and I have every intention to continue as I am.

Yet I'm drowning ... I'm literally drowning. My spirit's down and I need to do something before this sea of negativism pulls me under. I must move away in order to keep my spirit afloat. Move away ... break away ... from my negative surrounding. How? I must find a way soon!


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