Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Bubble: My Murtaugh List

Is it a concidence or just the universe at work, playing 'mahjong' with the vibes I've been sending out?

I was just telling a colleague of mine yesterday morning, how much I had been like her when I was her age and how I've mellowed tremendously as I grew older. Yeah, the dinosour speaks! My new colleague, Ellis is a very sweet young lady, soft-spoken but I can see through her soft demure, she can spit fire if you pressed the wrong buttons! So one thing's for sure, don't ever take this young lady for granted.

By evening, I was accepting a challenge from MKL of My Kafkaesque Life. He's an interesting new friend from the blogosphere and had just posted his Murtaugh List. Duh? What the heck's a Murtaugh List? Like me, you'll get the big picture when you check it out at Kicking At The Darkness. Simply put in my own words, it's a "Please Grow Up!" list.

With each birthday that passes, we outgrew many things we did when we were younger and cultivated new stuffs that matches our age or the fad of the moment. Sometimes, we may even jump the gun and do stuffs that are beyond our years. I'm sure doing a Murtaugh List never cross any of our minds but it was pure pleasure knocking on the thinking cap plus kicking my ass to realise that I'm too old for all these ...

... to be shy and conscious, I look good!
... to leave home without my mascara and lipstick, arghhh!
... to face the sun without my sunblock
... to read Barbara Cartland's romance novels
... to drive without my glasses, vanity!
... to wear luminous coloured earings, yucks!
... to wear any mini-skirts, with exception of denim
... to wear T's with Disney characters
... to watch Sesame Street, bye-bye Big Bird!
... to be skipping around, don't think my knees can take it anyway!
... to go on the merry-go-round, it's dizzying!
... for someone to hold my hand when crossing a street
... to wear unwired bra, need as much support possible
... to wear unpadded bra, yikes it's shrinking!
... to be oogling over hunky celebrities like Ricky Martin
... to be fantasising about John Travolta
... to play pranks on family and friends
... to suck on lollipops
... to gorge on food, oooooo ... glorious food!
... to be fat, need more exercise and watch the diet!
... to laze a whole day on the bed
... to argue with anyone, I don't need the stress
... to splurge heedlessly when shopping, need to save for old age
... to waste time being a 'worry-wart'
... to throw tantrums at anyone
... to sulk and cry myself to sleep, so silly!
... to keep a grudge, it's childish!
... to have the last say all the time, don't need to win an argument
... to bother about what other's think about me
... to live with regrets, doesn't change a thing

I know of some friends who never outgrew the immature stuffs they do in their life and some claimed it's healthy to keep those kiddy antics. However, I must beg to differ. Growing old is an inevitable process of life. We can't run from it and we certainly don't need to maintain those childishness to stay young. We just need to face it with a mature outlook, maintain a healthy lifestyle and not forgetting to stay young at heart!

I’m almost turning 46 ... less than a week's time just for info. As I grew older, I know I've grown wiser and I'm endlessly appreciative of God's gift of life. Just attended Sunset Mass at church today. Been weeks of 'ponteng' ... truancy!

So what are you too old for? Take a break from whatever you're doing and see what you can come out with. Enjoy yourself while you're at it coz I certainly did.


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Hey Wenny, you made a typo, you say 46 years old. You probably mean 26. I saw your pic, you can't be 46...

Oh, ok... I checked your profile. You really seem to be 46. How do you hide your age so well?? Wow..

I like your list and I will link to you on my blog, too. And I need to put you on my blogroll ;-)

You don't suck on lollipops anymore? At what age did it stop? :P

You don't look fat. Where got fat lah? :P

Why not laze on bed all day? Malaysia is so hot, it's the national hobby when people are off from work. Well, the problem is, people are never off from work :S (Malaysia boleh!?)

I also don't keep grudges and yea, no regrets for me, too... We have some things in common, but I'm a tiny slight 17years younger than you. Some ideas are just ageless :-)

That list is very interesting. Yes as we grow older sometimes it feels like we just can not do those things we used to. That was a great list!

How I wish, L'll Bro! The 17 years less should qualify you as that and 26's a lovely age, like my new colleague Ellis. Well, I really don't want to sound preachy but ... healthy lifestyle and be young at heart should be able to help some.

Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, you're already on mine.

Hi Cascia, thanks for the compliment. Would you be doing yours soon? I'll pop over to your blog soonest.

Hi Wenny...

You see, I follow you on Twitter now, so I hope you will be on there more often. You know, all the young at heart are on Twitter now, so your presence there is a must :-)

I'm there, I'm there ... though I'm still scratching my antique brain how best to twitter!

Hopefully you all young ones can bear with this dinosaur. ;)