Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Bubble: An Oar To Paddle To Shore

As I struggle to keep my spirit afloat this past few days, so engrossed in my work and in myself, a spark of light came out of nowhere. All of a sudden I felt a little boost to my near-sunken positive energy.

I was so elated when an ex-colleague messaged me today to announce that the Law of Attraction has finally worked for her! Amidst my rush to pack-up for the day at the office, I couldn't help myself ... I had to read her message again. It just felt so good!

Mariam was my colleague over at my previous employment. She had left the company about 2 months earlier than me. No doubt we have only known each other for slightly more than a year, she had been my steadfast follower in the Law of Attraction. She wanted so much to improve her self-confidence in order to start her own business. However, her greatest longing was for her husband to be doting towards her ... 'lovey-dovey' would be nicely said. Which woman wouldn't want?

We used to have a colleague whose doting husband would call almost hourly to the office. I could empathised with her when she shared about her husband being totally the opposite. Once upon a time, mine was like that too! There's never any reason to call even if there is one!

Well, she had courage. She knew things won't change unless she change. Today things has definitely changed! This was her message to me, "You know something ... my hubby has started calling me even during working hour. The Law of Attraction is very powerful!"

To my dear friend Mariam ... keep it up. More things ... better and improved ... will definitely come your way. You have definitely embarked on the right path!

From the bottom my heart, THANK YOU ... your timing is truly fantastic. You just threw me an oar to paddle my way to shore.


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