Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Bubble: A Streak of Nastiness ...

Damn! I'm NASTY! I still have this NO GOOD streak in me!

Malaysians! They fight over parking spaces all the time! From the roadside car-parks to the complexes and right to our own doorstep.

Neighbourliness ... well sometimes we just throw them out the window. If we've got great conscientious ones, we're lucky. But sometimes, it is not by choice, we end up with pathetically SELFISH ones as neighbours and we have to put up with them for years to come! I don't know about the housing laws elsewhere, but here it's standard for everyone ... buy a house, the land area is specified and layout indicated in the Sales & Purchase. That's what's yours and mine! Anything beyond our fence is public property. Why don't they get this!

Sadly, I've got a selfish neighbour. He just detests anyone who parks outside his house, even if no one blocks his gate. Recently one of my visitors was asked to remove her small Perodua Kancil. Poor girl, she had a tough time looking for parking after that. Worst, he wasn't even parking at all since he had parked both his cars within his compound. Mean fella! Whenever he does park his car outside, he parks right onto the edge that demarcates our two homes. Whenever he does that, we'll have difficulty manoeuvering our car in or out of the porch. His parking skill is fantastic! I've also heard from another neighbour that he once punctured somebody else's car just because he parks near his plants outside his fence. Reason, the car might damaged his plants. Geezzzzzz!!! What mentality!

Yesterday night, one of his regular visitors parked right in front of my house taking up Nick's usual parking. For his visitors, it's okay to park anywhere, huh? That's where my mean streak came about. I wanted to reverse my car to block off his visitor's car and if he's not gone by the time Nick's back, I intended for Nick to just park alongside the car. This will totally block the visitor from leaving. Well, Ray ticked me off! Hahaha!!!

It was just a thought! A NASTY THOUGHT, that's all. Not that I'll really do it. It would have felt good though but served no purpose except create further tension between neighbours.


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Ah, Wenny... I can relate to that. I've been living in Batu Pahat for a short while and luckily the neighbours were fine. But you do have an 'auto' culture, everybody drives and there's not many parking spaces in the suburban areas. Especially when there's weddings, those small streets can be full of cars. I think your neighbor should just be laid back and relax. If nobody's blocking him, why so nasty?? Geez... good that you let out your thoughts.

Hey you lived in Batu Pahat! That's like an hour's drive from my hometown, Muar. Small world la!

Hahaha, before I went back to Europe, I went to Muar to snap few photos. Muar is different, more Malays than Chinese. My ex girlfriend was Chinese, from BP, so.. I was used to the Chinese environment. Besides, BP seemed quite bigger.

Small world indeed!

Hey Wenny, you had abslutely the right thought my friend, as my reaction in this situation would have been the same if not worse ;) In any case you did not do it, and you and your husband are just GOOD FELLA'S :)

Hi Tatiana, it would have felt good to have done it but then, I don't think I would like to face the consequence.

My only dissatisfaction now; he's not even aware about my grouses! He'll just continue at it.:(

Oooooo MKL, I beg to differ. Muar is much bigger than BP and they have as many Chinese communities too. In fact, Muar is more happening than BP actually.

But anyhow, still nothing to brag about. Having been in the big city for more than 20 years now, I can only look forward to Muar or BP as a retirement option. Not so much the cost coz it not so much cheaper nor the air coz it has gotten more polluted nowadays but because it is more humdrum and slow-paced than in the big city.


Ooooooooo... sorry Wenny, but Batu Pahat is bigger. It's growing fast and I read online that it's the fastest developing city in Malaysia... Only difference is that Muar hasa bigger old part of town. I liked it a lot, I was walking along the river and the clock tower was nice, too. But you only have one small shopping mall in the centre, Batu Pahat has 3 big ones :P Anyway, no need to fight lah :P We're both Johorians, aren't we, hehe... I've also been in Kluang, kukup, Pontian, Segenting... Johor is very interesting.