Monday, September 28, 2009

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You choose to be happy every day? That's great. Please always choose for your lil bro to be happy, too ;)

Thanks again for the Monday smiles! A simple poster, but it brings me smile in the middle of a workday. ^_^

Hello Lil'Bro ... sure will. In my mind movie, everyone's happy all the time and as they read my post, I see the smiling faces.

As I've intended Shingo T ... to bring sunshine on a blue Monday. :)

Thanks for your encouragement words. Will do my best to overcome the hardships....

Especially your guide at work....


Hi Eyellis, thanks for dropping. Let's encourage each other on the positive path of life. Floating in the sea is not always easy, sometimes we go under and others we floated effortless. We throw each other a life linbe.