Monday, October 19, 2009

Law of Attraction: Genuine Friends Are Precious!

Genuine friends are hard to find. A true, genuine friend is a priceless commodity. The world is filled with fair weather friends and part-time, only-if-it-benefits-me friends. But a genuine friend is a gift. We can gauge our true wealth by the number of genuine friends we have in our life. In the company of a real friend, our joys are doubled and our sorrows are halved. If we do not have any genuine friends then we certainly need to ask ourselves why.

Our friends are people we return to again and again to find and offer support, love and understanding. Close friends are precious. Real friends are interested in you. They understand, sympathize, offer practical support, listen, don't judge, give of their time, share intimacies and bring joy.

There are many ways close friends can come into our lives. Sometimes existing friends turn into close personal friends. This can happen with old friends. Sometimes family members turn into genuine friends. This is particularly satisfying, because we then have both the bond of sharing a family and being close friends together in the one person. Sometimes we are led or are introduced to new people and we quickly know that they could become real friends.

It is important that we can share intimacies with our friends. We need friends to help us find, share and understand our own potential. Genuine friends are precious because they bring love. We love them in return and we know we would lose our way without them.

Our intimate friends act as our everyday counsellor. We cannot know ourselves on our own. We need to share ourselves with others. When we share our lives with another openly and honestly and that person is a genuine friend who loves and tries to understand us, that very act of sharing will help us fulfill our own potential. Through sharing we will discover that, "A problem shared is a problem halved" and that, "A joy shared is a joy doubled." That’s why, genuine friends are precious indeed.

Lets look more closely at the characteristics of close friends so that we will know whether or not we are able to offer ourselves to our friends in the very same way;

  • Genuine friends are interested in you.
  • Genuine friends understand.
  • Genuine friends sympathize.
  • Genuine friends listen.
  • Genuine friends don't judge.
  • Genuine friends offer practical support.
  • Genuine friends give of their time.
  • Genuine friends share intimacies.
  • Genuine friends bring joy.
  • Genuine friends help you find your calling.

  • At times, our goings may be rough and tough. We may face doubts, fears and insecurities. It is in times like these that the love of close intimate friendships keeps us going. Genuine friends are much more important than financial wealth. Genuine friends give us unconditional love. It is the quality and number of our close friends that is a true indication of our wealth.

    Of course the best way to discover genuine friends is to be a genuine friend to others!


    2 Bubbles:

    Sent me into deep thinking. Thanks for sharing a great piece. I wonder if I'm able to 'train' myself into genuinely practicing these qualities you mentioned !?

    Human being human....We want to but sometimes fall short of it....

    I suppose we have to consciously do it, until all these becomes part of us....