Friday, October 2, 2009

Law of Attraction: When You Need It Badly

From a law of attraction perspective, you know what it means to need something really bad, right? In case you haven't already figured it out through personal experience, it basically means you're out of luck.

Because the more you need something, the less likely you are to get it.

That's due to that little "like attracts like" principle in our world. When you're flowing the feeling of need, all you can attract are results that reinforce that feeling.

Which means feelings like satisfaction, fulfillment and relief are far far away. All you get is more "need."

So what does an law of attraction savvy creator do when they find themselves needing something bad, whether it's $650 by Friday, good test results, a green light, this dress to fit, or whatever else you may be feeling desperate about?

Here are a few tips to help unload the need so you can finally get what you want:

1) Take a deep breath. Seriously, just a good dose of oxygen will help recalibrate your vibe and start to shake up that "need" feeling you've been entertaining.

2) Remember what matters. Repositioning to a higher perspective can help release the need. Like, when I feel needy that my sweetheart understand how wrong he is - once I'm aware I'm in the grip of Need, I remind myself what really matters: Everyone's here (dogs and cats all accounted for), everyone's healthy, and there's chocolate in the cupboard. Relief!

3) Question the thought. Very often we scare ourselves about consequences that aren't real, aren't likely, or aren't actually as bad as we thought.

Byron Katie's process of inquiry can be helpful when we're believing something that causes negative feelings. Is it true? Can you know that it's true? How does that thought make you feel? How would you feel if you couldn't think that thought? And then a golden turnaround. There's never been a time these questions haven't offered me at least SOME relief.

4) Satisfy the need now. How would you feel when you get this thing/person you need? Find a way to feel that way now. That takes this thing (or person) off the hook for making you feel better and also puts you in immediate vibrational alignment.

It's from that place of alignment (and no longer needing it in order to feel better) that lets it manifest in your experience.

This article is written by Jeannette Maw, a Law of Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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Taking a deep breathe does not just work from a LOA model it also works from a biological model for reducing stress. Deep breathing relaxes a person biologically.


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