Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Bubble: It's Not Time Yet For Me ...

Woke up to the patters of the rain on the awning outside my window on Thursday morning. Oh gosh, my new boss is coming today! I'd better get ready and be in the office as early as possible. It's raining and there's definitely going to be a heavy traffic jam. Jumped out of bed, got ready and off I sped to work.

True to my instinct, the heavy traffic leading to my office had spilled over to the expressway. Now, I've got no choice but to take a longer route via another expressway, else I'm going to be late as hell!

Sped through the toll gate, hit the expressway and the rain started to get heavier. As I reached the next toll gate to exit the expressway, I slowed down as I need to allow the vehicles coming on my right to pass. Before, I knew it ... arghhhhhh!!!


A long trailer is just beside me on my right and I can't stop ... I'M GOING TO HIT HIS SIDE! I swerved to my left abit but my car is like going to skid out of control. WHAM! I hit the side of the trailer ... my car swerved back to the left on impact as I gripped hard to control my steering wheel. Luckily I did not press the break any harder, else I would have toppled over and land on some of the other cars on my left. After some swerving left and right, I managed to gain control of my car again and realised that I had broken one of finger-nails. OUCH!!!

As most cars were still speeding past me towards the toll gate, I slowly drove to the side, my heart pounding hard and my body heat rising ... I got down to check my damages. The trailer driver also got down to check on me too. We were both extremely surprised as there were only scratches on my front right fender and tyre rim. However, my car alignment was totally gone. Drove on slowly to work and by the time I was absorbed into the hectic schedule of the day, I had forgotten about the ACCIDENT ... t'was until time to go home ... PHOBIA! Till now as I post this entry, I can still feel the motion of the car skidding!

I can only be thankful to the Almighty that nothing worst had happened that day. Each time I think of the accident, I take a deep breath and am grateful that it's not time yet for me ...


4 Bubbles:

Good to hear you are safe. Must be one hell of a scary ride.

Glad you are okay. How blur are we not to know what happened.

Yeah it was, Shingo-T. For the next few days, I felt as if my car was still skidding side-ways. But anyway I'm surprised at myself ... that I was able to control my senses throughout the incident.

Thank you for your kind concern.

Hi Cheryl, all of us have been very very busy of late. Didn't have the chance to share with you earlier. Thank you for your concern.