Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Bubble: Jumping From One Fire To Another

I ran from my previous job because of their brewing office politics but day by day, I find myself in the very same kind of environment at my new job. It doesn’t matter how well grounded I am as a person or how polite and friendly I am or even how much I know about office etiquette, the one thing I guess I can never avoid in the workplace is office politics.

I have found the sweet spot in my career ... competence, enjoyment, deep interest and meaning or values. I truly LOVE the challenges of my new job but on the other hand, I've come to loathe going to work. Mind you, I'm only 2 months into my job. It's like a pressure cooker! I'm just so so tired and all stressed out amidst this superficial fronts among colleagues. Loads of distrusts and suspicions.

My confidence is seriously eroding by the day! Have I jumped from one fire to another?

ARGHHH!!! I just feel like throwing in the towel!


2 Bubbles:

Sis! Please be strong, don't throw the towel yet, unless they bully you. I believe in you, k.

Best of luck,

lil bro

Life is always a challenge, office politics are there to stay. In this, I cannot say to you 'Hey, can't beat them, join them'. But I believe that you will be able to stay afloat, rise above it and be cool always.

YOU CAN DO IT, Wenny!!! Yes, believe in yourself.