Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Bubble: Surviving Another Relay Run

When I finished the PAR5 relay on 30 August 2009, I vowed never again to run another race. "Never try you'll never know" ... yeah, I tried and I don't fancied. So how the hell, I got myself into another relay run?

Ekiden Run 2009 was held last Sunday at Putrajaya, Malaysia. It's a relay marathon of 5x3km (15km) which is very popular in Japan and has now spread around the world to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Germany, France, the United States, Korea and more. There were over 300 teams participating. My running club, Kota Kemuning Pacers, sent in 3 teams, an all-men team, a mixed team and mine was the all-women's team, "SUBARASHI KK-PACERS!" The best achievement of the day ... we came in 6th placing among the 16 all-women teams. Unfortunately, it was short of a placing for the trophy. URGHHH!!!

A slight motivation for more relay runs but I think I definitely need to think twice before I ever offer myself for such events again. No way, no way! I prefer to be just plain camerawoman ... pleasssssseee ...


2 Bubbles:

Go go go sis! You can make it :)

You always say never again, yet you always do it again, hehe. Well, I'd not see myself run in Malaysia: soooo hotttt... But hey, Wenny is tough. She can master every challenge :)

Wow MKL! You have so much confidence in me. Thank you, thank you.