Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Bubbles:

hi Wenny ,

how r u ??? after a long time relinquishing my eyes in front of your blog. you are still optimistic.looks like.Still find positive points in life.

anyway if you can manage time , I will invite you in my room . just spend some time . but there is a constraint, you have to have a bottle of & my blog , offffffff that's the best thing. At list that's my try.

Have a great day

Hi Chiranjit, you had been one of my first few followers and I am so glad you're still checking up on my blog. Thank you.

I am now at a cross road, trying to find a balance in my life, trying to seek clarity with my career ... whether to let go totally or to hang on. I certainly hope I will be able to find that answer in a few days time and life will be balanced by them.

Meanwhile, I am now at a loss to put my thoughts to words. My only hope is that all these positive postings I've scheduled will help me stay afloat until that balance is achieved.

I know I will soon come with a beer in my hand and join you in your space. Don't give up on me just yet. :)