Friday, November 6, 2009

Law of Attraction: Increase Your Level Of Inner Peace

Do you want to have more inner peace? You can accomplish your goal by taking steps that will help you grow physically, mentally and financially.

Focus on your health. Get plenty of aerobic exercise and eat an abundance of nutritious food every day. Do activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming or brisk walking at least thirty minutes almost every day. Follow the established nutrition guidelines.

Reduce the amount of time you spend harboring negative emotions. Do not get mad over little things. Avoid carrying grudges and hatred in your heart.

Handle your stress properly. When you feel tense or pressed, take a deep breath and remember that your performance, health and level of inner peace will be affected negatively by an overload of stress. Have you heard the phrase that says, “Rise to the occasion?” When it is very important to perform at your best level, you must relax and totally concentrate on your task.

Do not be ashamed to cry or express your anger in a harmless manner. If you want or need to cry or scream, please do so because it will help you feel better; furthermore, suppressing your grief or anger will hurt your immune system.

Laugh alone and with others at things that are funny but harmless. Laugh at things that have already happened. If you think of something funny around others, do not laugh too loudly.

Think positively. Turn negative experiences into positive experiences by contemplating the benefits that may come from what has happened. For example, if you lose a few dollars you put into a side pocket or shallow back pocket, you can use this error to become more careful and avoid losing a lot more money in the future.

Do not dwell on the past. This is counterproductive and will not bring you peace of mind. Only use bad memories of your past to avoid repeating your mistakes.

Think about your good experiences as much as possible. Use these good memories to become happier.

Be courteous to others. Being mean brings guilt and a lack of inner peace.

Volunteer your time at least occasionally. Help others in need.

To increase your chances of feeling comfort and peace of mind in your golden years, prepare for your retirement. Create and stick to a budget. Save at least ten percent of your income. Take advantage of any retirement accounts provided by your employer.

Use your physical and mental energy to do good things. Do what you can to make a difference.

Article Source & Copyright (c) Todd Hicks of Skill Development Institute, an enterprise that provides a keyboard typing lesson and academic study guide.


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Excellent advice Wenny.

My #1 suggestion is to go into deep meditation daily. Meditation is not a cure all to everything; what it does is allow you to observe negative thoughts and destructive tendencies so that you can release them.

Try one session in the morning, one in the evening, and stick with it! Over time your mind will become more and more calm.