Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Bubble: Dona Nobis Pacem

Today's BlogBlast For Peace ~ Dona Nobis Pacem

Life has been so hectic for me recently, so consumed with my new job that I hardly had any time to really sit back, ponder and appreciate my very existence. My promise to myself, to be laid back and enjoy life just flew out the window!

Many moments durng this past 2 months, I came close to tears, frantic and almost wanting to throw in the towel. Thankfully, it is my friends from the blogosphere that had kept me going. There had not been a peek out of me all this period, but yet ocassionally when I peeped into my blog, I could feel the unwavering support from them. Now, at every permitted chance, I will seek the warmth and peace that they had left on my blog. Thank you all ... friends, readers and fellow bloggers!

If I had not discover the Law of Attraction, I would not have fully comprehend the beauty of peace, gratitude and friendship. These past 2 years, I've come to realise their priceless value, not only to me but to all mankind.

Imagine a world where every one of all races, religions, cultures ... young and old, big or small, live in complete peace with one another, bonded in genuine friendship, offering thanks to the Universe for each new dawn that allow us to make a better tomorrow.

Imagine a world ... free from hate, conflicts, war ...
Imagine a world ... free from diseases, pain, suffering ...
Imagine a world ... free from greed, lust, gluttony ...

Before we can truly enjoy the fruits of our imagination, I've learnt the need to free ourselves from the clutches of our own FEARS. Peace comes when we live without fear. Gratitude comes when we are at peace. Friends bond when gratitude is abundant.

DONA NOBIS PACEM ... Grant us Peace!


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Hello Wenny, I feel very much the same about bloggers, and my Blogblast for Peace post was on such a similar subject...folks around the world are wonderful and kind. It is the joining of the people who aren't in power, but perhaps hold more power than they realise, that hope lies in...

Wishing you Peace, harmony and happiness, and I hope things go better for you soon x