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Law Of Attraction: Better Yourself Learn & Recover From Failures

Since you're trapped, for the time being, on a planet full of gravity and other irresistible forces, you're going to fail at one time or another. Whether or not you fail is simply a matter of time, not "if." How you harness your failure is a better question. When others fail around you - to meet expectations or other standards - the question remains: what do you do with their failure? Do you recover from failure? What can you learn from failure?

Re-Define Failure

Too often it seems people allow failures to define them. They are identified with their failure: as lazy, drunk, liar, cheat, bully...whatever the adjective, it's tied to their failure. Instead, take control and re-define the failure. People are people, after all. Failure is something that's going to happen to the best of people from time to time.

Re-define failure as an opportunity to learn from a mistake or poor choices that you or another make. It's a free education, and it costs nothing to witness mistakes and learn from them. Re-defined this way, failure becomes a learning experience and genuine growth opportunity every time.

Put Failure to Work For You

It's sort of like being the new kid in school, and the bully upperclassmen want to get your goat. They cajole, bully and mock away...but if it doesn't matter to you much, then you've stolen their thunder. When a bully has the upper hand and knows he's got it, then he has control over you. If he can't have that control, then he's nothing but a nuisance.

This same holds true for the power of failure - except you can actually harness the negative "vibe" and put it to work for you. Learn how to make your failure, or that of another, work for you. Don't get mad at the fact that you've loused up - take notes.

What caused it? Is it a pattern? How can I prevent this? What have I learned?

When others assume this failure defines you, seize the moment and make that day the re-defining moment you decide you're not doing this again. Decide you aren't going to fail like others have, and be re-defined. Strengthen yourself and adapt. Recover from failure when you learn from failure.

Put failure to work for you to be propelled to become a greater person.

Fail Fast and Get Back On the Horse!

You can learn a lot in a rodeo. One of the better examples of failing properly is when a cowboy or cowgirl gets bucked off a bronco, and gets right back in the saddle. This idea holds water for any situation, including failure.

History is replete with figures who've tried and failed, but then tried again after learning the tough lessons. Every great invention, company, government or historical figure is fraught with either genuine or apparent failure - and these folks have learned to get right back in the saddle. Great people have this in common - they learn from failure. They get the hard knocks and recover from failure, fast.

It's not about how hard you've fallen, nor about who you let down, or about who let you down when they've failed - it's about what you've learned from it and how quickly you get back on the horse that really define you.

If you fail properly, you won't fail again. You'll just be upgrading.

James M. Hussey works in a family business by day, and builds websites and works as a freelance author on Elance at night. His first of many websites covers elliptical machines for sale, where you'll find user-friendly information on the elliptical exercise machine of your choice. You can also find him on Elance, working on freelance writing under "JamestheJust."

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You shared a great piece.Failure often make us think so negatively that life seems to stop. But my life experiences taught me that failures are blessings in disguise. It help in soul growth and make us a better human being and also make a smooth road for future success.

Yes,you are right. I am learning more of this lesson of late.

Thanks for dropping by. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!