Friday, December 11, 2009

Law Of Attraction: The Journeys In Our Life

Life is Complex. It's interesting to explore the complexities of our modern lives. What forces are influencing us? How can we explore our unique selves?. We drive in our cars, walk to work, fly to holidays. We recall the white sandy beaches of last summer and astral travel back there. We think of a great idea and mentally travel in time to the future. We are inspired by a colour and travel to our Spiritual Self. By the end of very day, we have travelled to so many places, in so many ways, for so many different reasons.

We are experiencing pressures and complexities never experienced before. We are expected to maintain equilibrium in a dynamic complex world. Change is about to become a standard for this present generation. How do people cope and function under these extremes?. How can choices be enhanced to provide a better outcome for the individual and for humanity as a whole?. Where is the Love in all this?. Behind the apparent chaos, there is a divine wisdom that is in fact orchestrating this. Do we need answers, guidelines or just God?

Modern Life

Answering so many questions is confusing. We close off. We do without thinking. We follow our parents and peers in the hope of an easy way and wind up worse than them. Our fathers had one job in their lifetime. The sleepy atmosphere of post war peace is an illusion. Adopting modernisation ideas, hard work and success formulas is only leading to; greater ignorant, time deficient, bored lives with mounting pressures. How could we make them more; fulfilling, fruitful and happy?.

Personal Interest

Surviving personal Trauma and Tragedy can be a source of motivation. I draw on these to guide me towards helping others. Whenever we suffer and survive personal hardship and pain, it spurs us on. It ignites our passions, forges progress and sharpens convictions about healthy ways to resolve issues. There is a need to have personal interest and involvement with passion. While the Mind will always assist, the Heart needs to take over.

Present Events

The Planet is undergoing so many changes. The Earth has been heating gradually for years. Climate change is now upon us and it may be too late. The alternative of doing nothing is inconceivable. Modernisation has created a demand for highly polluting habits. Western Cultures are asking developing nations to 'do as I say, not as I do'. We are addicted to old systems. We can't change fast enough. The mounting challenges to the global populations is enormous.

New Catchword 'SHIFT'

People fear collapses. It strikes fear into one's core and yet Humans are survivors. Future changes will cause shifts in; where and how business is done, how we live and how we solve problems. Sudden dramatic changes stimulates questions about where we have come from, how did we get here and where are we going?. Systems that can't be sustained will collapse and be reinvented. Others will shift sideways into systems that have already started to show promise.

We live in amazing times. Alongside these extreme changes, we are expected to maintain a level and cool head. We escape from these pressures; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. How can people keep up with so much change and still enjoy it?. Take a moment out of your life. Have a look at what is going on for you. Ask some questions. Make some changes. Be what you want to be, Now.

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