Friday, December 4, 2009

Law Of Attraction: Taking A Stand For Our Lives

There seem to be only two directions we can point ourselves in. Either it feels to us like we are working toward having what we really want, or we're doing something else. With the wind or against it. Which condition feels better to you? Wind in the sails, or dead calm stuck? Given that we all have had plenty of time to experience smooth sailing and being mired in the muck, the value of finding out how to break through that "something else" is clear, because doing that feels so much better than staying stuck. Feeling better is like breathing. We do it because it makes our lives feel better. It's just too bad we can go so much longer feeling bad than we can without air!

So what does that breakthrough into feeling better about the direction you are heading in look like for you? More money? Better relationships? Internal happiness? Or any number of things beyond these basic human desires? What keeps you up at night? What's your passion. Or more to the point, what gets you out of bed, with your feet hitting the floor running? Find that out, and it will draw you toward it like a lighthouse taking you through the sea of storms we all face over the course of a full life. And storms there will always be, as long as we are breathing! Internal storms of fear, hesitation, procrastination, doubt, anger, jealousy, and more. One of the keys to success is to gain the perspective that all storms begin, and all storms end, even our internal ones. Yet we don't get angry at the fact that the rain and wind have passed over us though, do we? We can relate to our own internal storms in the same way. It rains, we get wet. The wind blows, our hair gets tussled. Something happens, we get angry. No more meaning than that. Now that we know that, let's get on with our transformation. Or maybe knowing that is our transformation! From swamped boat into fast ship!

If you are considering embarking upon a transformational journey, at this point you might be asking yourself questions regarding which path should you take, or you might even be asking others for their input as outside observers. Just remember that thinking things over is a useful tool, but only if it leads to action. Sometimes the only action thinking things over or "figuring them out" leads to, is thinking things over and figuring them out! No path taken, no choices made, except to delay taking actions that might serve you. If you are considering an action that will support you in your life, and you have taken it already, great! If you have not taken that action yet, why then, have you not done so? Asking this question might seem like a clever enrollment technique, and it is, but the impact of honestly answering it goes far beyond any seminar, course, or action, you will ever take. That's because taking a stand for transformation, one that is represented here by taking action, is the only way to create transformation in your life. To take those actions that will lead you to have what you really want! Realizing the importance of taking a stand for yourself is one of the most vital steps up the ladder of your own success you can ever take. A further step is actually taking that stand, which is also a real, powerful, action.

There is one reason, and one reason only, anyone has not taken their own stand for themselves yet. They are confronting the same issues, items, or feelings, thoughts, beliefs, or limiting patterns, that they have always encountered in, I would guarantee, a thousand different situations over a thousand different time periods in their lives, and still allowing any one of those items to prevent themselves from experiencing their own success. Yet if we accept the power of that same old stuff now, we will accept the power of that same old stuff later. Because nothing changes, unless you take a stand for having it change! Including yourself. Maybe, especially yourself. These issues that we all have, that prevent us from having what we really want, are always fear based. They could be based on a learned hesitation, or a belief that there is not enough time, even thoughts about some notion that there is not enough money, any external reason for not doing what you by now if you have read this far, know with certainty, would support you in having what you really want in your life, as your life, your life, and that is: taking a stand for your life.

Why is this choice being offered? To either take a stand for yourself, or to go back to the same old, same old? Because right now in this very minute, like all the minutes of our entire lives, we are always being offered these same two choices. One, to keep allowing our perceived limitations to run our lives, or two, to break through them. It's the mire or the magic. Believe me, I know. I have been there in both places enough times. Oops! I meant, I am given the gift to break through those limitations every single day of my life I get up. There they are again. Limiting feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

Every single day of my life I have the opportunity, the same opportunity to break through my perceived limitations as I had yesterday, and as I will again have tomorrow. This is the good and the bad news. Bad in that our ingrained training never gives up, and good in that breaking through our perceived limitations all the time seems to be the way we as humans grow. Growth is good! And it will forever be us, and not our pre-programmed training that has the ability to direct our growth. Now is always the time, and now is always our opportunity, to take charge of the direction we set our sails to lead us in. In every new now moment we have. To take the time to sign on the dotted line, and make the commitment to ourselves for having it all. Whatever your particular all may happen to be. Believe me, I could not be having this conversation with you without having come to the place of loving myself enough to have given this kind of gift of taking a stand, to myself first, and many, many, times, finally coming to know that the only way I can continue to live it, is to continue to give it away. To take a new stand for myself on every single day I wake up. And then to give that incredible gift of magic away to as many people as will take it. To give it away so that I can live it away! Because that's exactly how the Universe works, and to sail with the wind rather than against it takes us so much further and so much easier. Happy sailing!

The question is: Are you willing to now be bigger than your reasons?

TB Wright is the creator of The One Penny Millionaire!? web based seminar series, and the author of Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! which is available at .

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