Friday, December 11, 2009

My Bubble: Catching Up With The Girls!

I don't know if anyone will agree with me, but I truly believe as we stepped into the 4th decade of our life, most of us will start to re-think, re-evaluate and perhaps re-invent our life. Why so? Call it MATURITY or MELLOWED ... we are learning from our life's experiences to be more appreciative and grateful for everything that's been in our past and now in our present.

In this stressful age where we're thrown into a rat race to build a successful career, we'll consider ourselves lucky if we get to hang around with friends often and definitely a luxury to be able to hangout with good old-friends we've neglected during the rat race.

5 years' ago, a whole bunch of 40-something school-mates decided to get together and have a blast, catching up with one another covering a huge gap of 24 years. The talks seemed endless, so as not to leave out any details of our life with one another.

From there on, Kwee Nah had a brilliant idea to set up our very own Yahoo Group ... "MUAR MISIPUT GALS!" That 'misiput' was our daily staple back then during our school days and you can never find the same anywhere else but in Muar, Johore.

Once again, a bunch of us got together last Sunday, 6 December 2009 at 4.00 pm ... courtesy from Tze Lin who had allowed us to meet up at her new home. The beautiful ambience of her new home certainly added a new topic to our endless conversation. Her hubby, Yen Tang was so charming, serving up as our bar-tender while her 16-year-old was on hand as the 'sushi chef''. Brilliant Kwee Nah brought the "MISIPUT! ... all cooked and ready to eat with the 'sambal' on the side ... WOW!!! You could say we were kinda salivating over it ... perhaps Julie was abit more on the edge since we were not allowed to eat it until the last of our girlfriends have arrived.

To all 'Muarians' who are living in the Klang Valley and missing the authentic 'MISIPUT' from your hometown, you can find it now at Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur ... that's where we got ours for last Sunday and it tasted no less different if we had brought it all the way from Muar!

This time many of our school-mates could not make it, so there were only 10 of us with 3 new 'lost friends' adding to the excitement. One of them, Lily came all the way from Singapore. It was good to be there and to catch up again ... remarkable how the conversation flips between reminiscing our younger days and also other newer topic such has parenthood. We also had a full tour of the house, admiring the interior design and the many paintings and handicrafts.

Thumbs up to Yen Tang for his natural talent in interior designing ... why spent RM70,000 for a professional, when you can do a better job. I think he should seriously consider taking up this profession too.

It was a delightful evening with lots of laughs and happy stories to enjoy. Another meet will be rolled out come Chinese New Year in February 2010 ... it's only 2 months' away. This time we hope more of our girlfriends will be able to make it.


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Hey Wenny,
great job on keeping in touch with your schoolmates. ^_^

I'm having problem accessing your site from office, somehow my laptop gets hanged, which explains why I have not been dropping by recently. Only able to access from home, but I only login from home in the weekends.

No problem Shingo-T. Appreciate the fact that you still find time to check out my blog.

I'm having problem at the office too, no chance to check on my blogger friends. Anyway this will change soon and I'll be on visit sprees!

Good luck on your office stuffs. Read in one of your earlier post that it isn't as perfect as you had hoped, but hey, it's better to be high paid low morale, than low pay low morale.

Hey Shingo-T, thought provoking. I totally agree with you. ;)