Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Bubble: I Hate Packing!

I HATE PACKING! That's what I'll scream out loud every time we embarked on a holiday. There's no way to procrastinate any further.

Come tomorrow ... we'll be in BALI!

There's just too many things I want to bring with me ... all my facial stuffs (must make sure I pamper my face after my day out), make-ups (must protect my face when I'm out in the sun), toiletries, spare undies (you may never know of any unforseen circumstances), my stilletoes (I'll be too conscious if we go clubbing in my Adizero), slippers (when we're on the beach), extra t's for change (in case I sweat too much under the sun) ......

Then there's the chargors for the handphones, cameras, netbook ... blah blah blah ...

If only we could drive all the way to Bali ... wouldn't it be great coz then, I can just dumped everything I need into the car.

I really can't imagine myself BACK-PACKING, something that Ray and me intend to do after our retirement. HUH??? Living out of a single backpack?


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