Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Bubble: I Must Remain Strong & Focused!

I MUST ... I must remain STRONG! I must remain FOCUSED!

I have been weak these past months ... stressed out ... in desperation to fit in at my new workplace ... in desperation to be the superwoman, chasing perfection ... I feel so drained!

In the end, the harder I tried to accomplish proficiency ... the more mistakes I make ... then more and more of my confidence just goes down the drain. The fact that I am in an organisation where fault-finding missions take precedence did not help my situation at all and of course, there's the politics I've mentioned earlier. Sudden organisational changes placed me under 2 different new bosses within 3 months ... is this fair?

Many times, I wanted to call it quits! Yet why am I still hanging on to this job? I am not happy ... I don't find any job enrichment ... it's a blatant waste of my time!

Shingo-T gave me a thought-provoking comment recently but I still remain undecided of my fate on this cross-road. He said:


It's not that I take home a fantastic paycheck but it is sufficient to provide me a comfortable life. So ... my dear friends ... I would appreciate some enlightenment ... what do you think I should do?


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Tough one. I would say stay until you can find something else more to your liking. Keep visualizing exactly how you will FEEL in the job of your choice. Keeping the parameters open allows all different kinds of jobs to be a possiblility. But by visualizing how you feel - you'll attract the one that you will love being at.

Thanks Nancy for the advice. I've preached but I've not follow ...

I've confused myself with indecisive career choices, that's why I've sent out the wrong vibes! In return, an unhappy job.

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There's no right or wrong answer, Wenny.

If I'm in your shoes, I'll probably start sending my resumes while holding on to this job.

The last thing you want to be is to quit a job and find that its too hard to find another suitable one. But unless of course, money is not a issue, then go ahead and throw the letter and enjoy life for a while.

Or maybe ask for a transfer to another department within the same organisation (assuming the company is not a small one).

The day we wake up not wanting to go to work is the day we change it.

Stay positive always, Wenny. Because alot of people do not like what they are doing too.

Thanks Shingo-T for the advice. I guess I am as much to be blame for my unhappiness at work as the organisation.

I have decided on my next course of action. I will post about it soon and the reasons behind it.