Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Bubble: Picking Up The Pieces ...

It's been a month since I've pen anything from my bubble. Life's been kinda topsy-turvy since I switched job in late August this year ... only topsy-turvy in the head that is.

It was hectic in the beginning when I started at the new company, trying to find my way in their system. This was quick to turn into a nightmare. I dreaded each day that I have to head to the office but I still want that paycheck!

The company's well established, having been around for 40 years now. Financially sound ... paychecks are banked-in on the dot each month and despite plenty of red tapes, they are a great paymaster. However, like our Chinese saying goes, "Ho Thai Umm Ho Sek" translated literally "look nice but not nice to eat". Never judge a book by its cover ... this is what I've found out in my first 3 months on the job ... it's a political quicksand that will swallow you up anytime, if you are not savvy enough in office politics.

Well ... ENOUGH! Enough of the whining ... I've decided not to let it affect me ... just go with the flow and let's see where it leads me to. I may emerge with many arrows stuck to my back but I'll SURVIVE. It's not a DEAD-END. I can FREE myself anytime!

Meanwhile, I will be heading off for my well-deserved Christmas holiday soon and ... BALI ... here I come! 10 days in paradise and I will recover all the positivities I've build since the past 2 years but lost in just a span of 3 months! Just writing this short post has already started to revive my confidence!

My dear readers and friends ... I shouldn't have abandoned you all due to my 'over-indulgence' towards my job. It has return a full circle now and this is the place I know want to be ... I AM SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!


2 Bubbles:

Dear sis,

happy to see you back. I have been reading your posts in my Google reader, I just didn't comment. But I like your posts always, k :) Keep posting, keep writing, be happy and enjoy your holidays, k. Hope to see some nice pics :)

Hey there Lil'Bro! It's OK, sometimes there's just not much to comment about on my blog. Alot was happening for me but nothing could be penned for now. I was just keeping my blog flowing while I was at battle in the new office.

I now realise how draining and stressful it has been ... it just drew me further and further away from my favourite playground.

Enough is enough ... I'm back and hope to recover my lost time ... 3 months worth!