Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Bubble: Sprinkle Yuletide Cheers Around The Globe

Time really flies by when we are not watching. It is the last month of the year 2009 and Christmas is just round the corner. Carolers are reviving the yuletide cheers everywhere as we popped in and out of Christmas-wrapped malls, hunting for the perfect presents for our loved ones.

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations for the people belonging to the Christian faith. But it would be wrong to assume that it is only celebrated among the Christians. With the world becoming a global village, Christmas is now celebrated in many countries around the world. Caroling, feasting and gift-giving along with the prayers and wishes ... Christmas is celebrated with high spirits in various parts of the world. Though the mode of celebration, the dates and the traditions vary, the spirit remains the same everywhere. While most of us celebrate it as a festive season spreading over a week, for some it is a month long festival that starts with the Advent on Sunday next to November 26 and ends on January 6 with the feast of Epiphany.


However it is celebrated, it's time to spread the yuletide spirit among friends. It is time for us to be thankful for their presence and support. If we have spent the past year in resentment of others, let's ponder on this words and rid ourselves of the negative to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas;

"O Man, forgive thy mortal foe,
Nor ever strike him blow for blow;
For all the souls on earth that live
To be forgiven must forgive.

Forgive him seventy times and seven
For all the bless├ęd souls in Heaven
Are both forgivers and forgiven!"


2 Bubbles:

During festive season we all clean our house so that we can make good impression to our guest but we forget the heart it too need cleansing so that divine love can find it place and God feel good about us.
Thanks for sharing heart cleaning tips.
God Bless.
Love Always.