Friday, January 29, 2010

Law Of Attraction: You Can Do It Too! ~ Part 4

“Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?  Do you know?
Do you get what you're hoping for?
When you look behind you there's no open door,
What are you hoping for?  Do you know?”

These are the chorus lines from the theme of Mahogany, a 1975 Motown/Paramount film. A ballad performed by Diana Ross, the movie featured its protagonist as a poor African-American who became a successful Rome fashion designer, remembering the happiness she had in the past, as she faces the reality of a loveless future and her decisions that had brought her to that point in time.

Let’s stop and ponder on those lines again. Do we have our answers already or are we scratching our heads right now?

Lesson #4: Prioritize ~ Know Our Life’s Purpose

Finding our purpose in life is often one of the most difficult things to do. We trod along our life and lose ourselves in work, love, family and even in leisure. We are misled by a false belief that these pursuits are the reason for living, but only as long as we forget the shadow of death.

But what’s the difference between a person with a purpose in life and one who doesn’t? The one who has a purpose in their life can do many things, irrespective on a good day or a bad one. On a given good day, they can light up the room while on a bad one, they somehow find the energy to roll out of bed and turn things around to work for them. Which of the two do we want to be?

The purpose in life is to add value to our life that can in turn add value to others in the world. It is our expression of what makes us feel alive. It's like a road map of our inner being. When we reach the cross-road where our personal goals e.g. career and family meet with our purpose, we will be able to feel the sense of accomplishments with tremendous integrity. It’s something we do, where at the end of the day, we can say "I made a difference!".

We cannot begin to comprehend where we’re going without first discovering our purpose and potential in life. Everyone can choose their own purpose, so long as it makes us motivated, energised and enriched. Do you know what’s yours? Do you know what you really want to do in your life? Questions after questions, but it all starts and ends with us, we control our destiny, we are in charge although not every move, but we are definitely in charge of how we perceive and respond to the twists and turns of life.

A Tip: Set aside 20 minutes or half-an-hour or perhaps an hour to outline all the possibilities of your purpose in life. Whether it makes sense or not, or it feels ridiculous, the choice is certainly up to you. What's the harm of trying? It might probably take you several days to come out with it but consider the lifelong benefits of living with a purpose:

• Focus
• Growth
• Peace
• Satisfaction
• Happiness
• Self-esteem
• Spirituality
• Enjoyment

You are the only one that creates your reality

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"The purpose in life is to add value to our life that can in turn add value to others in the world". I like this statement a lot and it rings true to the meaning and purpose in add value in what you do for yourself and for others. Unfortunately there are those who seek value for themselves at the expense of others. Those who are self motivated and greedy. A very well written post, Wenny

Purpose of life... *sigh.. I'm searching for that all my life, sis.

I already made a difference, so now I'm just playing out the string! jk ;), I like this, it's important to know who you are and what you want to do with your life.

@Rose Belle: Thank you for your sharing and the encouragement. For those who are selfish, "what goes around will come around" ... the Universe will react according to their own thoughts and emotions.

@MKL: Dear dear Lil'Bro from Europe ... slow down and take awhile to ponder ... you will know.

@RicAdeMus: Thanks for agreeing. Knowing is still not enough until we take up the appropriate actions ... it is called INSPIRED ACTION.

Reading this and thinking of what we chatted yesterday... I do have to think of my purpose of life. I will have to 'Restructure' and 'shift my paradigm'.

How to make ourselves happy and in turn bring happiness to others esp. those who are dear to us!


Cheryl, there's no wrong to putting yourself first before anyone, even your loved ones. You can't really make others happy until you have found pure happiness yourself.

When happiness is abundant within you, you'll definitely see your purpose in life.

The abundance of inner happiness will shine thru you and no one can ever miss it!