Monday, January 4, 2010

My Bubble: Back To Work Already?

Huh? Holidays' over? How could 13 days' break just fly by so soon?  Damn!!! 

The routine is back ... sleep early, wake up early, drive thru the traffic jam, punch-in at the office, zombied for 8 hours, punch-out from the office, drive thru the traffic jam again, reach home ... sometimes you get to be a couch-potato for an hour or two ... then the circle game repeats itself before the nights over.

This is Life?  Am I working to live or living to work?  Geez!  I'm so looking forward to my RETIREMENT, the sooner the better.  I'd better do something to expedite this ...

You are the only one that creates your reality

4 Bubbles:

Wenny goes to work, does that mean she's out of her bubble? :)

Ha! You wish, Lil'Bro! I'm still very much in my bubble. I brought my bubble to work actually ... hahaha!!!

Imagine if I have a job with no work, plenty of time to play with my bubbles from 9 to 5 and still get paid ... how nice. No need to cry RETIREMENT lo!

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Same goes to me. Always excited when it come to friday but dont like Monday. Right now looking forward to CNY..cuti lorr