Friday, January 29, 2010

My Bubble: A Blogging Award

When I first came to know of the Law of Attraction, I discovered that I have actually been practising it my whole adulthood ... in the right way but not for all the right things. I've managed to manifest quite a pretty bunch of the good life I've dreamt off since I'm the determined sort of person. But along the way, I've manifested some undesirable circumstances too considering that I can be a very insecure person (twice over) at times ... my worst is the 6th ghost of fear #3 ~ the fear of death. It still remains my one and only battle with fear.   During these consuming moments, I'm so grateful for the many insights I've found from the blogosphere that helped me tremendously to regain a balance.

One of them, Of Living And Loving ... And Coping, had always remained my pillar of strength whenever my insecurity crept in.   Her blog will never fail to uplift my spiritual confidence while the triumphs in her personal struggles had become the beacon for my fight against my worst fear.  Yet, instead of giving her an award that I believe she so deserved, she has so generously given me a blogging award.

I am so grateful that she had thought of me though I am kinda ashamed that I had not done so for her much earlier. 

Bing, thank you so much for this gift and the same goes back to you many folds!

In a show of my gratitude and to emulate her magnanimous gesture, I shall forward this blogging award to fellow-bloggers who has inspired me and many others, though not necessarily in the same manner. They are Cheryl TanCascia Talbert, Rebecca Trautner, Uncle Shingo-T, K13 and AlwaysWinner.

You are the only one that creates your reality

10 Bubbles:

Thank you very much, my dear friend! Do you know something? Take note that the following take place in my home almost daily these days :

"Don't forget Aunty Wenny's LOA. You know...blah, blah, blah"

Even Shaunie and Jeremy uses this line very often!

Positive influence, positive inspiration. That's YOU!


Wah! I didn't know I've created voice recorders in your household.

But if left as NATO, those voice recorders can crank till dry and broken also no use wor ... get to it Cheryl, need "INSPIRED ACTIONS".

Don't let the SUN go down on us!

Is the fear about the process of dying, of not wanting to let go of life, of what comes next, or...???

RicAdeMus, I guess it's just the fear of separation from the ones you love so much! Either we've to leave them behind, or they leave us behind.

That is a sad thought. I am not in any rush, but I would rather lead the way instead of being left behind. It's a selfish thought, but I saw how hard it was for my grandma to outlive her husband and outlive my mother--and she was made of steel! Those are experiences I don't want to have, but of course we have to deal with whatever reality we find ourselves in.

You know I always said the same thing to my hubby, 'I hope I will leave first' but deep down inside, I always hope we will leave together in ripe old age and in our sleep.

You're right, RicAdeMus, we shouldn't be in any rush and it is beyond our choice anyway.

You shouldn't fear death as it is the final part of our journey in life. Live life to the fullest..spent quality time with family and loved ones and enjoy the company of friends. Do not procrastinate; do things that will bring joy & happiness to you & those around you. If we leave this world, we leave with peace as we know that we have left our love to those whom we dearly care for.

Yes YB, I do agree with you. Some of us are foolishly a worry wart and I'm no exception. However, I'm trying each day to turn over to live life at the moment.

Thanks for your valuable wisdom.

Saw your comment on my blog and hop over here to see what you have in stalled for me.

Thanks alot, Wenny! This is my 2nd award ever. ^_^

You really made my day. I'll have to get back to work now, and will proudly put up the award in my next update.

May this week, and every week go smoothly on your end, Wenny. You know it isn't hard, because your attitude attracts good stuffs. ^_^

Dear Wenny,
Thank you so much for this lovely award.I am touched. I know God is down pouring His blessings when friends like you remember me in such a special way.
My love and good wishes is always with you.
God Bless.