Monday, January 18, 2010

My Bubble: From A Dream To Reality ...

I've not had any funny dreams for many many months now. But this past 2 weeks, I've had 2. These dreams ... they are bad for me! I'm sure it must be some inner fear that's creating negative vibes in me to dream this way since they revolved around the same theme ... DESPERATELY SEEKING HUBBY!

These are my dreams, the latest being yesterday night:-

Dream #1: I dreamt that my dear hubby, Ray left me for another and I was desperately trying to get him back.

Dream #2: I dreamt of Ray & me travelling in Pria, Thailand ... God knows where is this place, Pria in Thailand, even if it actually exist. While we were travelling in one of their 'Tut Tut Cars', I got separated from Ray and was desperately trying to find him.

A past experience had taught me that I need to sort out whatever this inner fear that's troubling me soon. To leave it unattended is like allowing a time-bomb to tick within me, waiting for the right time to explode ... KA-BOOM!!! Without diffusing it, it's definitely going to over-ride my positive thoughts. Repetitive thinking and feelings of such insecurity will eventually manifest into my life as each thought and feeling builds a unique vibration that goes out into the Universe. "Like attracts like", the full sphere of my dreams will become as I feared!

Is it possible that Ray may have found someone else?  Or is it me ... am I the one leaving instead?  Maybe there's no 3rd party at all but due to some other reasons ... like our health?  Or ... 

I must be honest with MYSELF, look FEAR in the eye and continue to FOCUS on the joys in my life in order to keep up my positive vibrations.  Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive over nothing.


Have you ever experienced such situation where your dream became your reality?

You are the only one that creates your reality

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Sleep dreams come true ONLY ON TV.

Must have been the recent events that made you unsubconsciously think about infidelity.

Don't attract those unwanted thoughts, there's better things to do, Wenny! ^_^

Yeah, you're right Shingo-T. Thanks for the encouragement.


hehehe... this is funny n kinda weird but i hold to it cos it simply pleases me... he said "if you dreamt, and remembers it next day means it wont come true.." feel good now neh!

I read your comments repeatedly 3 times, still abit confused. But I sensed your positive encouragement, Girl! Thanks!

Wenny, the meaning of infidelity is something else, than a real infidelity. I have several books about dreams and non of these has the infidelity as an infidelity between partners. They all have different answers as to what the true meaning of infidelity is, and it would take me plenty of space and time to go into it here. There is insecurity on a deep level within your mind, and this is bothering you - thus the dreams. Once you find the cause of it - all will be solved. It might be a hormone issue my friend. Do a blood test perhaps? Be well and stay always Fabulous :)

Hi Tatiana, perhaps I do agree that the infidelity issue is non-existant here and it is surely an insecurity issue. I'm putting my finger on it quite soon. As you have pointed out, it would be a health issue ... I sometimes focus too much on my diabetes.

I'm still waiting for that dream where I was a secret agent to come true ... LOL!

Hey Nick, why secret agent? I thought it's supposed to progress to Supreme Ruler of the World already.

Need to be focused. Else very difficult for the Universe to deliver ... LOL!