Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Bubble: I Blew My Top!!!

I really blew my top yesterday. It's 9.30pm already, no one's concern whether I'm hungry or not ... no one's thinking of dinner, just because they are not hungry???  Hey, you guys know I always skipped lunch ... so I'm definitely very hungry by now ... you can actually say ferociously hungry!

As usual, Ray and Nick went for their Monday badminton game at the clubhouse and initially they would be back for dinner no later than 9.00 pm. The last few games, they were late and by the time dinner's over, it's already past 10.00pm. This is not DINNER ... it is called SUPPER!!!

I had just finished a 6km run at the lake and of all days, yesterday I had volunteered to do some groceries shopping without them. I was rushing so that I could be done by 9.30pm and meet them for dinner. Not wanting to drive in and out of the house, I waited for them for nearly 15 minutes at our regular coffeeshop.   Calls unanswered ... text messages unresponded, I left fuming.

Everyone cooked their own meal after that ... let that be a lesson!

You are the only one that creates your reality

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been thru that.... i can understand u totally - very mang chang hor.

Sometimes anger is the right right response!!! =) I hope you don't find yourself in that position again any time soon.

HI Lily, I was waiting in my Kembara outside the coffeeshop. By that 15 minutes, the coffeeshop patrons definitely would have wondered why my Kembara looked like a steam-room ... LOL!

Come next Monday, RicAdeMus, this will be a thing of the past. They can have their own dinner at any godly hour they want ... I AIN'T WAITING FOR NO ONE ... I'll fill my own stomach first!

My Dear friend - CHILL!

We go through unlimited 'waiting' period with unlimited 'un-usage' of our very precious times. For me, it also coupled with unnecessary worries - what happened? (I'm a self-confessed worry queen !) Very torturing.

Over the years, I've been trained to be much more relaxed. So, after saying so much..... it's


Hahaha! I'm CHILLED Cheryl. However, I refused to be taken for granted in silent. My displeasure is well-known to My Heroes ... less they should forget the next time!

I bet after this round, they have learnt their lessons well.

Now that I'm retired, Old Beng, it's eat at home already. So upto to them lar ... want to come back or want to take their own sweet time, I cook and eat first ... no wait wait. I finish the ho liao lor!