Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Bubble: I Had A Close Encounter

If you've checked out my Facebook, you'll probably know that I've had a new hairdo yesterday night. Well ... it's the new year already! Since I've gotten 2 new tattoos, might as well add in a new look to complement and bring out the newly improved ME. So, what's next to add?

Yesterday, while at the hair salon, I had a close encounter with an extremist ... a POSITIVE ONE of course. The salon owner is a beautiful twenty-something Chinese-Bidayuh, who speaks a total of 9 languages and dialects combined. A bright young outgoing entrepreneur, Kelly's definitely the kind of person you would want to befriend as she exudes all the positive energy you could ever imagine. For LOA practitioners, you know she'll rub-off on you.

Over my 3-hour hair rehabilitation, I discovered her to be a very down-to-earth person, more mature than expected of her age who refuses to let any setbacks get her down. She's one who believes that all things, good or bad, happens for a good reason.

You see, after a year in business, her partner has decided to journey out on his own to open his own hair-salon, wooing away her employees as well. But this gutsy lady successfully navigated the sudden change and remained resilient and strong in her business. At the moment, she single-handedly does everything from shampooing to styling and treatments along with her boutique and make-up business.

I call her a 'CHANGE OPTIMIST' who accepts that this change will bring something good that will somehow serve her well. To me, irrespective whether her business is doing so-so or great ... in the eyes of the Universe, she is one SUCCESSFUL young lady. An ideal mentor to anyone who wants to survive the changes in their life.

A Tip: Surround yourself with positive thinking friends and it will go along way to help you clean up your thoughts!

You are the only one that creates your reality

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I agree with awesome for her to have it all figured out at such a young age, that's wonderful! Nice blog...we have read all the same books...your my kind of!

Yours in Health,

Thanks Robin for dropping by. I'm glad we share the same kind of interest.

I agree alot on the importance of having people who are die hard optimist, or people who can inspire.

Great post, sis. But I couldn't see your new hair (weep). You can add me on Facebook with my email address.

She's definitely inspirational and I'd like to surround myself with these kind of people. One of the reasons I like you: You always inspire me :)

It's definitely not easy to be so positive, with so much odds. Should learn from her!

Thanks for sharing, Wenny.

@Shingo-T: Thankfully you agree with me. Positive people are motivating people.

@Cheryl: You are a positive person too. See! You managed to challenge yourself towards 21km in the Penang Bridge Int'l Marathon ... now you know, 10km is chicken-feed for you and 15km is just a breeze. Next week's 20km ... YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Lil'Bro, I'll add you anytime. I'll do it now.

I'm glad to be an inspiration to you. You too have an effect on me too. You know, we all inter-connect with one another all the time and move this Universe.

Thanks for the positive 'chi' I'm receiving from you! My PBIM will never be a reality if it is not for you and the rest of KK Pacers who gave me that 'believe'. Let us do a 21km together soon, in KK itself. I'm positive you are able to!!! YES!

Thanks for the confidence, Cheryl. I know I have to do it. It's one of my resolutions!