Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Bubble: Meet At One Or Leave At Eleven

Just had a tiff with hubby yesterday evening.

We're supposed to group up with our running friends tomorrow to buy running shoes, somewhere on the other side of town, Ampang. It's a one hour drive there but we'll be catching lunch together along the way, probably an hour for the sumptuous 'Ampang Yong Tau Foo'!

Sure I know, it's agreed that we should reach the sports shop at 1.00pm. So what time do we leave home? I asked and dear old patronising hubby insisted to 'meet at 1'.

Yeah yeah ... meet at 1 but what time do we want to start from home? I need to get ready before you and I can't read your mind duh!

After several ding-dongs, "We leave at 10.30 or 11, you deduce yourself la!" Now, need I blow my top again?

If I deduce myself;
1 hour drive + 1 hour lunch = 2 hours = depart 11, where did 10.30 come about? Where's the maths? Is it so difficult to say, 'we leave at 11'? By the way, there must be room for any unforseen delays, so what's so difficult to say, 'we leave at 10.30'?

Just giving room for a little debate, how would you have said? Meet at 1 or Leave at 11?

You are the only one that creates your reality

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I think I would have said "since we're meeting at 1:00, we probably need to leave by 11:00 at the latest. Do you think we should leave earlier, so we don't have to rush our lunch?"

But I had time to think about it! =)

So I posed the question to my husband given the same scenario and he said he would say "leave at 11". Ha! I would prefer to be told what is the lunch and then the time we will leave the house. As simple as that. That way, we know what time we have to get ready and leave the house by.

@RicAdeMus: That's how I feel it should be said. There's clarity and no room for assumption.

@Rose Belle: Preciously! Irrespective man or woman, we need an inkling of the departure in order to get ready in time.

I would have said leave by 9.30 am ... LOL! I'm a stickler for punctuality and I always want to arrive much earlier than my schedule meeting time.

Reading the comments above give me a chuckle.

My Wifey's often late because she likes to take her own sweet time, especially for casual appointments. I do get a little upset sometimes, because I was previously known to be quite a punctual guy.

But still, it's important not to get too upset over such "trivial things". No doubt punctuality matters alot to me, but there's bigger things in life to worry about.

Fully agreed wt Shingo T, i.e. not to be stressed over such "trivial things". To me if d other party is indecisive, we make d decision to leave by d desire time. Is this being positive? Perhaps we may also want to let d other party knows that d reply given is not to d point.