Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Bubble: A New Chapter In My Life ...

Much have I ranted about a major change that will take place in my life, I am proud to announce that a new chapter in my life has finally unfolded.

Without fail, I must attest that "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS!"

You are the only one that creates your reality

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Wow! Congratulations! But you are too young to really retire. What are you transitioning into???

Hi RicAdeMus, thanks for the compliment. I call this an 'early retirement' but only from the workforce.

Opportunities have been knocking on my doorstep and I hope to pursue them now that I have finally cut the 'umbilical cord' from employment.

Congratulations did it !
I hope to 'attract' this soon

ohhh congrats! i'm sure you have loads of exciting plans for after-retirement ^_^

Hey Sandy, thanks! You can too, just think positive, visualise and focus on this one desire. The law of the Universe works in wonderous ways and it will definitely come true for you.

Yes Manju. Eversince friends heard of my intended retirement, I'm booked.

Now, I just have to take one day at time, embrace this freedom and follow the flow.

Oh, my last comment wasn't sent, haha. Ok, let me say again:

Congrats, sis! Now you can go to Bali and enjoy life! Muar not so exciting one ;)~~

Thank you thank you thank you, Lil'Bro! By right I should be able to go anywhere but ... but ... but :(

:) New opportunities beckons already ... that's a new excitement ... travel can wait its time.

Btw, Muar ain't so bad Bro' ... if my memory hasn't fail me, can climb Mt Ophere (Gunung Ledang), jungle trekking, camping, gluttony of any edible kind (hawker or seafood) ...

Come to think of it ... THAT'S ALL?!! LOL ...

congrats.... something i dreamt of doing since 5 years back.... but apparently am to young to support by travel passion....ahhahah .... actually no money more like it...

Yalar, you're still young. Still so much to squeeze out of you for the economy.

Like me, old oledi ... squeeze until dry oledi ... kering kontang!
That's why time to get out!

Congratulation Wenny!
Wish you all success in this new chapter of life.I dedicate this quote to you-Don't act your age [in retirement]. Act like the inner young person you have always been.
— J. A. West
May God Bless you.All my best wishes is with you.
Your friend Always.

Very good ah, early retirement, me envy you.

Old Beng, no envy envy lar ... you oso can retire one.

Thanks AlwaysWinner ... I certainly will remember your advice.