Friday, January 1, 2010

My Bubble: A New Year, A New Look ...

Hey there, dear friends and fellow bloggers. 2010 is here!

Time for a little change. Just spend the whole day doing up these changes. Would have been accomplished much earlier if I had better broadband connection here in my hotel. Anyway, I'm leaving for home in Kuala Lumpur in a few hours' time ... all my bags are packed and I'm ready to go ... flight leaves at 6.00am from Denpasar, Bali.

Tweedly-doo for now. Do leave me a comment or two of your thoughts on my new layout. Still have loads of tidying up to do, hopefully with additional ideas from you.

You are the only one that creates your reality

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That was exactly the 'feel' I got when your page loaded. What a refreshing new look for the new year. (I remembered Shaunie owed you the 'bubbles' - sorry, this girl is extremely slow - might have forgotten - do give her a kick when you see her)

I like the new look!

Great new look, wow! I am impressed. Very clear and organized. Now we only need great posts and everyone will be happy. Yay! :D

Oh, and I just follow you on that Google friend connect. Hope you follow back. I also installed it :)

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the encouraging comments. As for Shaunie, too bad it's already 2010. Had I been there on 31 Dec 09, I would definitely take up your suggestion and kick her into the new year with a fresh new attitude! :)

Anyway, no worry. I've got one exact replica of her in the male gender at home too, perhaps worst!

Hey Lil'Bro from Europe! Thanks for all the comments and the encouragement here. Sorry, I've not been replying ... no excuse for it :( actually.

Definitely, I will follow you anytime.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! May we face new challenges ahead and survive victoriously even before 2011 comes along.