Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Bubble: Tattoos ... All In The Family

Our trip to Bali was never intended to be a mere holiday but a long awaited ... 5 years' anticipated wait to get new tattoos for ourselves, Ray and me.

When we did our existing tattoos 5 years ago, Nick was raving over and over in disgust, disapproving our actions ... branding us "gangster parents" where no other could have existed amongst his school-mates. Turn of event, today he is the proud owner of his own tattoo ... a Ram, which is his animal symbol according to our Chinese astrology.

Catch our "all in the family" tattoos expedition, led by 3 different tattoo artists, Yoga, Agung and Prem from Bali Blondy.

You are the only one that creates your reality

5 Bubbles:

I'm no fan of tattoos. But then who knows? Maybe I'll get my tattoo years down the road.

May the tattoo bring joy and unity to your family, Wenny!

And btw, great new layout to start off the year.

It takes time and patience to acquire the taste for certain food. It's the same for tattoos but end of the day, it remains a personal choice.

So Shingo-T, who knows! Maybe one day I'll read about your tattoo on your blog.

Jealouslah.... so nice! Cannot wait liao - I want my third piece of art lah.....

Cheryl, got to wait for Shaunie to finish her exams la!

So cantik the tattoo on your feet. If my religious allow me to do it sure i will get 1.
I like the bird