Friday, January 8, 2010

My Bubble: Time To Share The Knowledge

When I first started my blog, I said I'll blog on something that's close to my heart, something of great interest to me, something that I'm passionate about. That's where I begin to share my personal experiences on the discovery of the Law of Attraction.

It's been slightly over a year since and I found that I've grown alot. This does not mean I should stop now because learning the Law of Attraction is endless. I have read and shared many articles from the many 'LOA gurus' and I sincerely appreciate all their guidance, reminders and wake-up calls. As I continue to enhance my own knowledge on this law of the universe, I believe it is time for me to gather my knowledge and experience in my own words and share it with anyone who's interested to know more of this fantastic law of the universe.

You can call it as a "giving back" time. As I had once been a novice myself in this Law of Attraction, I can empathise with those who are interested but do not know where to begin. So starting today, I shall deliver a series of lessons to help you kick-start your own experience with the Law of Attraction.

Trust me, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! My best wishes to all friends, readers and fellow bloggers on their success with this universal law.

You are the only one that creates your reality

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