Friday, February 12, 2010

Law Of Attraction: You Can Do It Too! ~ Part 6

We read, we learn, we think, we focus and we visualise our intentions as part of the deliberate creation of our desires. As we learn more and more what our thoughts and emotions can do for us, it is time to strike a balance with the appropriate actions. Actions that will maximise our ability to manifest our desires with great ease and enjoyment.

Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Results

These actions taken in our quest to manifest our desires should not be forced or based on doubt, worry, anxiety or fear. Actions taken based on doubt, worry, anxiety or fear always felt compelling and stressful. It would be misguided that we force things to happen just because we are afraid of what will happen if you do not take a certain action. We are merely imposing upon ourselves to take actions on our intentions. It does not feel right.

On the contrary, acting on our intentions without force will only help to magnetise our desires by attracting the people, places and opportunities into our reality. It will be surprising to see how things are moved to coincide with our daily activities

Lesson #6: Inspired Action ~ Move Yourself

Taking the liberty to take up a certain action in order to move ourselves towards what we want and away from what we don’t want is all about Inspired Action. Inspired action is any action we take based on an urge or hunch or nudge, from within us. Inspired action always feels easy and effortless because we are so excited and passionate about moving towards our desires. This will naturally build up positive energies within us.

Sometimes, in our day to day experience, we just may not know what to do. But if we focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want, we will know when it is time to take action. When we do, it will be effortless. Doors open and the entire universe will conspire to assist us in our desire. Focus on our intent and do not take action until we feel the positive emotion within us. At that moment, we will know what to do. When we take action, it will be the right thing at the right time.

So, it’s time to make Inspired Action work for us. First and foremost, get our intentions or desires in place, that’s clarity of mind. The clearer our intentions or whatever we desire, the better the results. Listen to our inner voice or intuition. Remember, inspired actions come from our positive feelings. Beware of what feels good for us and follow up on these good feelings. When we take inspired action and do it consistently, we will get the results we expect.

Try to quiet down our mind, still our thoughts and relax our body. Patiently, we will hear the inner voice nudging us in the direction of our dreams. Inspired actions come from the bigger picture, which we usually cannot see until we've taken the actions we're being inspired to take. Trust our intuition. When it speaks, we move!

A Tip: As Stephen Covey said in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, always remember to begin with the end in mind.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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Thanks Danielo for the information. Appreciate it very much.

Hi Wenny,

Great take on inspired action. Having a big picture in mind is what causes action to be inspired.

The novice is motivated by outside circumstances. The genius is driven by vison. This is why geniuses are inspired for a large portion of the time.

Action falls into 2 camps: inspired action or hard work. The line between the 2 can be razor thin so monitor your feelings throughout the day to see when the boundary has been crossed.

Thanks for sharing your insight.

Hi Wenny, "Always remember to begin with the end in mind" does it for me... And sometimes things happen just as I want them to, but mostly they don't, and than I get discouraged and bored. persdistence is the key I think and to not let go

Yes Ryan, I do agree with you. Thank you for the comment and advice. Appreciate it very much. :)

Oh yes Tatiana. Persistence and determination are 2 very important criteria to making any success of what we inspired to do.