Friday, February 26, 2010

Law Of Attraction: You Can Do It Too! ~ Part 8

A large part of our life is devoted to fulfilling our ‘common chores’ or ‘everyday businesses’ such as housekeeping, taking care of the family, observing our spiritual responsibilities, going to work, building our career or business and so on. All of us must do them ... it’s part of life. They can’t be avoided. These tasks or responsibilities leaves very little time to be devoted to ourselves ... YES, our own personal needs ... the freedom to attend to things of our likings.

Often in our struggle to finish the common everyday chores and the everyday businesses, we feel divided within ourselves. We feel the unfairness in the division of time that is beyond our control. That’s where most of us will start to dread and even despise taking care of the common tasks of everyday life.

Lesson #8: Enjoy The Process of Everyday Life

We must understand that there is actually no difference between the common everyday tasks that we must do and the things that we want to do. The difference only exists in our minds and this misconception often creates feelings of misery, frustration and stress. Unless we liberate ourselves from this self-induced grasp, we will never enjoy the common everyday tasks because we’ll be trying desperately to either avoid them completely or rush through them so that we can move on to those things that we long to do.

To liberate ourselves, we need to learn how to live an undivided life where we separate the needs from the wants. Stop marginalising the need-to from the want-to. Reframe our mind to see every tasks in the present moment ... no past no future ... it’s NOW. Restrain from fussing over the inconveniences because in reality, we can’t change it. Feeling aggravated is just a waste of precious time and energy. Let ourselves in on the fun of doing the chores. When we’re having fun, we’ll begin to enjoy the process.

Though planning and achieving our goals is important, it is even more important to enjoy the process. Happiness is found along the way instead of expecting to be happy when we reach a certain goal. The present moment ... NOW, is the reality and when we enjoy the process of everyday life in the present, we will create beautiful happy memories to be cherished long after we have achieved our goals.

Today will only happen once and to make it to the future, we will need to live through a series of today. So, it is important that we make the most of today by creating a fun-loving state of mind through the following:
  • Change our attitude ~ when our attitude is negative, we will see things negatively.
  • Learn to say ‘No’ ~ do not take in more than we can handle or capable of.
  • Take time to reduce stress ~ pick up a simple hobby like meditation, reading, listening to music or even prayer can be an avenue.
  • Take care of our body and mind ~ motivate ourselves towards simple healthy lifestyles.
  • Catch-up with friends ~ socialising can boost our self-esteem and outlook.
A Tip:  Breakout from your limiting thoughts patterns which causes you to confine yourself within a negative world. Simply develop a positive mental attitude to be a cheerful person. Then move on to being an easygoing, genial, patient, tolerant and open-minded person who will make people feel comfortable being around you. You’ll soon find that the everyday process of life becomes less and less of a struggle.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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Very sound advice you give in this article Wenny, and I long to be able to let frustration and stress go when having tasks that I must do, and know beforehand that it wont be easy - nontheless I am going to try

I'm glad Tatiana. Just like me, I've been trying and trying and now I do see better changes in me. I'm sure you can too.