Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Bubble: Exasperated Is Just To Say The Least!!!

During social gatherings, alcohol served can make people feel more relaxed. It stimulates their feelings and sometimes puts them in a kinda europhoric state. Alcohol can be a depressant and that's why it is a kind of drug actually. Too much too frequent, it can be addictive!

For many people, having a drink or two at a party can really make conversing easier. It makes them more relaxed and less tense. Sadly, it is also during social gatherings where people are most proned to getting drunk because they lose count of how many drinks they've consumed and the fact that they do not know how to say 'NO'.

I have nothing against drinking alcohol. I have my fair share every now and then, especially when I go clubbing. But what I strongly oppose is 'irresponsible drinking' and I believe that this is the main reason why people ended up drunk.

In my opinion, people who allows themselves to get drunk must be somewhat unhappy with their lives. I guess they think that drinking will take the pain away but in truth, it only adds more salt to the wound. They lose their dignity and the respect of others.

Exasperation, indignation, resentment are words that are just not enough to describe the fury inside when I see hubby ... such a grown man, a father who's to be an example to his 18-year-old son, failed to say 'NO'. Even the 18-year-olds knows how to call it QUITS! What a bloody shame!!

By all means, have fun! Social gatherings are not everyday but fun doesn't need to come with a hangover the next morning.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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I agree with you 100%. I probably have a drink 2 to 4 times a year. I'm not against it, it's just not a habit. I grew up seeing a lot of alcoholics on my mom's side of the family, so it never really appealed to me--plus, experiencing two hangovers of my own as a teenager was more than enough. Why would I volunteer to be sick the next day???

I have a brother and sister who drink and drive. That really upsets me. The brother has been lucky, but my sister has gotten into a lot of trouble.

Yes, alcohol could cause problems even to people used to drink frequently, and at times even one sip can make a person act weirdly and become drunk, and this is coming from someone used to drinking. And I don't drink often since I got a whiskey allergy about 10 years ago, maybe 3 to 5 times a year now.

Occasional drinking with closed buddies/friends are healthy....but a little too much of it could be due to "carried-away" mood ...maybe due to the good companies or like you said...release stressed!!
I have been a regular drinker previously and I can understand when you hit the "high-note", the "NO" are not in our vocabulary....Anyway, if this is a occasionnal affair, let's forgive and forget...That's my opinion..

In my country alcoholism is a big problem. You wrote it very well. It is a drug and it becomes an addiction. Lucky for me, I never really had a craving for alcohol. I don't like to be hungover. We used to drink some 10 years ago as teenagers, but those days are long gone. I only drink alcohol on new year's, when we say cheers :)

I'm allergic to beer. It's good because in this way, I refrain from alcoholic drinks (beers are evil to the liver), and I don't get drunk and don't blurt out my deepest desire to take over the world and abe a almighty ruler. Muahahahaha.

Oops, I talk too much. Ignore what I said, Wenny.

Hi RicAdeMus, thanks for sharing your personal aversion to alcohol. Alittle of it is fine but one must know when to stop.

Hi Tatiana, I'm not totally against drinking. Just moderation and if one can't hold alcohol, then totally avoid becoz drunkenness is UGLY and DANGEROUS.

Hi Anonymous, YES, I've already made my peace. But I still do not agree to it when there are youngster or teenagers around. They are at that impressionable age.

Hi MKL, occasional drinking is fine, especially to celebrate a special occasions. To hit the 'high' among adult family and friends is alright but not when there are impressionable teenagers around.

Good for you Shingo-T! At least wifey don't have to worry whenever you go out for your happy hour with your buddies.

Hi, running thru your previous articles...I noticed that both you and hubby have tattoos..very fashionable and you hero says he got a gangster parents etc. Very cute!! To some, THE TATTOOS.. it's the in-thing, some others might think it's gangster-like mama's and papa's..Doesn't it give an impressionable view to teenagers around. I would think so..

Hi Anonymous, thanks for perusing my older articles.

Yes, tattoos do make a very big impression not only on the teenagers but other adults as well. However, the dark 'don't mess with me' image of the tattooed has now change alot. It's now more of a fashion fad rather than a messenger of fear. End of the day, it's an individual's preference.

My son is now older and has a better understanding what the tattoos are really all about. We've allowed him to have a small one for a start.