Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Bubble: The Hazards Of Blogging For A Housewife Wannabe

Yay! Being retired is great. Time is in my hands, I get to do anything that comes to mind in a jiffy. No pressure at all!

I felt like cooking my favorite mung-bean dessert this morning. Hmmmmmm ... I'd probably bring a flask of it for Cheryl when it's done. She loved it when I cooked the last time.

Put everything to boil, reduced to a slow flame to let it brew and headed upstairs to join the blogosphere. Started reading 'Waiting For Wisdom', then 'My Kafkaesque Life', 'Jumping For Joy' and then I came to Cheryl's blog 'My Running Trail'.  Yum yum ... the glorious scent of 'pandan leaves' (screwpine leaves) pervades right into my room. Ahhh ... time to check on my mung-bean dessert. Nevermind, wait, wait first ... I'll finish my comment on Cheryl's latest post first.

Huh? Why is there whiffs of burnt smell? My mung-bean! Arghhh! Quick!! Ouch!!! My knee still hurts ... I can't run down the stairs ... nevermind, I'll bounce down each steps ... HURRYYYYYY!!!

Reached the kitchen too late, it's almost dry and the bottom is already burnt. Shoot me!!! A housewife wannabe, tsk tsk tsk. This is the hazards of blogging, at least to me it is!

So sorry Cheryl, there goes your mung-bean dessert for today. Make you one another day when I feel like cooking mung-bean dessert again.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep whatever I've salvaged of the dessert for myself ... kakaka!!!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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Perhaps u shd get one of those timer thingy....when u r 2 engrossed & d alarm goes off, u r forewarned.

Arghhhh! There goes my favourite desert!!! Wenny, next time, let me know, I set alarm and I'll call you to 'remind' you - 'cring cring cring......'

It's okay, my dear, I'll feast my eyes then. Thanks so so so so much for the thought of me. Do that everytime you cook something.... yum yum...

Never mind Wenny next time I am sure you will make mouth watering mung- bean dessert(give the recipe too, for foodie like us).I am waiting to share more of your daily cooking.

it's ok, next time.... make sure invite us to jaga you kitchen

That's a good idea, YB. Never thought of it. Thanks!

If I let you know in advance, Cheryl, then it won't be a surprised lor. I actually wanted to surprise you with the dessert today.

In the end, bayang pun tak nampak today.

Hi AlwaysWinner, my mung-bean dessert is only so-so and simple. Not much to the recipe but once I've perfected it, I'll be sure to share with you.

Wah Lily, KITCHEN GUARDS ... like that kena bayar gaji, tak mampu oh. I not Chef Wan.

Guard Fees = Mung-bean Dessert ... ok???

i've burnt my ayam masak merah while blogging too.

darn blogging! ahhaha.

Hi Doc Stiletto, I guess we just had to burn our dishes once in awhile, else cooking would be so boring ... kakaka!!!

Oh the evils of the internet--ruining a wonderful dessert!! =)

Well RicAdeMus, end of it still becoz of human weakness ... indiscipline. :(