Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Bubble: Ouch!! It Hurts!

I had missed my regular run for almost a week now and was eager to burn off those piled calories this morning. After dropping off the kids to school, reached home to put on my running shoes and quickly set-off before the sun rises.

9 minutes into my run, like a sack of potatoes, I came tumbling down to my knees.

OUCH!!! I missed that small pebble on the road and twisted my right ankle as I stepped over it. There goes my plan to complete a 40-minute run this morning! There goes my intention to add swimming into my regime this week! Arghhhhhh ... such an unsightly sore against my new tattoo on the other leg! The Chinese New Year is just at the end of the week and what a painful 'angpow' from the OX.

Freak-out!!! How could a small pebble cause this much damage?!!!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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oh, that looks so painful. I'm really sorry that pebble found its way into your path.

My wife skinned her knee last week, She slipped on a patch of black ice. She didn't rip her pants, but her knee got scuffed up though the pants.

I hope you have a quick recovery.

Thanks RicAdeMus. I hope your wife has recovered too.

These are just some of those freaky accidents that happens every once in a while ... kinda like a wake up call not to throw caution to the wind. :(

Aiyoooooh, that's a pretty bad & painful wound. Ya, freaky accidents do happen & thank GOD that you're not hurt too "badly". Wish you a speedy recovery.

awwww...... that hurts!!!! i cant bare to see. take good care

WOW! I had to enlarge the pic to see clearly. It looked like it was painted on. Why are the yellow and red color so strong? I hope you recover soon, sis. Take care!

oh man!! that's gotta hurt... and when it starts to heal, it's gonna each like mad.

when the wound has closed, used shea cocoa butter to reduce the scarring. :p

@YB, @Lily Riani, @MKL: Thank you all. I really appreciate the comforting words. Makes me feel so loved that it is less painful already.

Hi Doc Stiletto, thanks for the tip but well, my knees are already full of scars from all the previous falls. I'm just so clumsy.

aiyoh, i left a comment yesterday but somehow didn't show up ke? Anyway, jaga the food you eat, rest well and speedy recovery.

Good God! That looks bad! Stuff like these do happen, you just have to be more careful. I once was running and tried to jump across this drain and fell inside ... LOL!

Hey Cheryl, thanks for the advice and also for dropping by yesterday nite, just to check on me.

Well, it is bad but surprisingly it is healing quite rapidly. Hopefully, I can run again by this weekend.

Btw, forgive me for LOL ... I can't help visualising you dropping right into the drain ... it's really amusing!