Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Bubble: Yo All! The Holidays' Over!!

Before the Chinese New Year, procrastination was ripe. Everything were followed with 'after the new year' or 'later after the new year' or 'keep until after the new year ... the mood to close an old chapter and begin anew with the coming new year was everywhere!

Well Folks, the holidays' over! It's now back to the grind. The new year of the Tiger has roared into its second week now. It's time to put on the show ... the actions, the deadlines and the performances ... and then, it's year-end BONUS TIME!

Arghhh!! Now my ANXIETY just began!

What the heck ... ain't I RETIRED?   You thought so too?  Ha!  So what's with the anxiousness?

No doubt I'm finally done with the corporate world,  a new opportunity has beckoned for me.  Thanks to my friends, Steven and Cheryl.  They've roped me into their business and 'tis time to pull out all the stops and put on the show!  'Tis a totally different ball game!!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

9 Bubbles:

Nice of your friends to rope you in their venture, Wenny.

Sure you can do this! Have faith in ya.

All the best. I'm pretty sure you can do it :D Besides, I know exactly how you feel :D

with your optimism and enthusiasm, YOU DEFINITELY CAN!

It's nice of your friends to rope you in to explore new opportunities... Who knows..maybe this could be the start of a new cycle of life....

With your enthusiasm and drive and positivity - WENNY, YES YOU CAN!

You know why we rope you in? Because YOU CAN! And we believe YOU CAN!

Easy job lah....just bring in the business only mah.... again, YOU CAN!

wOOOOO, that's where pressure and pleasure start!

Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for the encourangement and vote of confidence. How can I fail with so much support from all of you?