Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Nikon: An Effortless Triumph

In effort to improve my relationship with my Nikon D5000 ... my resolution no. 8 for 2010 ... I shall be sharing a collection of the gift of life in every wonder, through my personal lens.

Today, I begin my first with this photo grab at a recent race. Observe the happiness and the comfort as she strides into the finish line after a 30km run ... an effortless triumph.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, 
but anyone can start today

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If I ran that race I would be smiling too. But I would be laying unconscious back at the 5km marker--smiling as I dreamed of finishing! =)

Hahaha!!! Good one. But seriously, it's all about DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE & PASSION.

If you got it, there's no stopping that DREAM, RicAdeMus.

Me, I fail at the last one, PASSION for running :(

Bravo to the Vivienne, Bravo to Wenny! A wonderful moment caught and keep. Timeless!

Nikon D5000 ... is a good camera ...thinking to buy ... but you know the arena possible to reach with camera looks very small.

I think you're talking about zoom from far. You will have to add a zoom lens then. I'm using a 70mm-300mm lens.

always wanted to run but not a long distance person.... now with my leg injury... even worse!

btw, i wanted to buy canon S90... u thk its gud?

I'm not so familiar with Canon cameras though I know they are equally and sometimes has much better features than Nikon. You can try checking out the forums online to get the feedback and it depends on what's plans forward coz you may need to look at upgradeable features.