Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Bubble: It's Disgusting!!

Hurry, I need to go to the loo! My bladder's full!

Rushed to open the gate, drove my car into the driveway ... rushed to unlock the grill-door, then the front door. Not forgetting, had to lock-up behind me too. That's Malaysian-styled living ... you either lock yourself in or you lock yourself out, all in the name of security.

AIYO-YO, so many obstacles! By now, my bladder's bursting!!
Then, SUDDENLY ...

My stomach churned so loudly, within the dead silence of the house, anyone could have mistaken it for Jurassic Park being aired on TV. I had barely made it one step up the stairs ...


Yucks, how disgusting. I could feel it flowing out continuously, filling up my underwear. There's just no way to hold it in at all. Darn, that's a nice not-so-new panty down into the bin!

It's been a few days now since I've been suffering from frequent bowel movements, my stomach churning right now too as I type. I had to visit the loo several times in the day. In fact, I woke up at 4am this morning just to answer this unusually frequent call of nature. I had thought that it could be due to my resumed intake of the apple cider recently.

However, on second thought, it could also have been due to the 'Hainan Noodles' I ate yesterday night. It's just so likely since there were loads of fresh garnishings over the noodles which could have been exposed to dust and uninvited guests.  Hubby also complained of a slight diarrhoea (well, he'd helped himself to some of my noodles).  Kinda funny though ... Nick hasn't complained of any discomfort today. He had some of it too.

Should have stucked to my earlier choice of 'Kuifa Fried Noodles', at least the whole dish comes steamy hot!

Regrets regrets regrets ...

Sigh ... what a mess. Should I be considering the diapers just in case? Have you ever suffered such a close-call?

Life is a succession of moments. 
To live each one is to succeed.

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Thanks for sharing, haha :P

Poor you and sorry I had to chuckle at your expense. I could say "sh*t happens", but that would be too bad, huh?

Actually, last Dec I had food poisoning and had trouble for a week, it was really annoying, but lucky for me, I always accessed the toilet on time. Sheesh... it's really bad, when this happens.

I hope you get better soon, sis Wenny :)

Yeah, I remembered your bout of food poisoning. Luckily you didn't had the honor to poo in your pants. :P

It's disgusting, really! I don't want it to happen again ... EVER!!! Else I'll have to resort to wearing diapers all the time. :(

Well, you're not so old to wear diapers all the time, hehe. Still have some 40 years to go, sis ;)

I had a really close call last summer. I had just left the grocery store when the feeling hit. I knew I had to hurry home. As I approached my car in the parking lot my aunt and uncle pulled up--they wented to chat. I think I gave them 2 minutes and then I told them I was feeling sick and had to leave NOW. I didn't wait for them to say goodbye because I knew they would have "one more question" until it was too late for me. I apologized later. =)

In December a friend of mine had the same experience you did, except he was in a hotel and had his accident in the bed. He and his wife had just returned from a cruise and were spending the night in a hotel because it was too late to make the drive home. They stayed an extra night until he felt okay to drive.

DOn't be embarrassed, you're not alone.

Thanks Nino, you're so sweet or should I said, a charmer ... kakaka!

Hi RicAdeMus, thanks for sharing your personal experience and being so understanding.

It is truly embarassing but more so, it's so yucky! :(

hahahahhahaaa..... pee - happened before... poo-ed...hem....

What to do, Lily? Couldn't make it on time. :(

Think about this....
Either it's a very bad Food-Poisoning which need to be flushed from our system or our rectal muscle are not so strong now due to age...But I believe in your case, it's FP....Good experience...Imagine if this happen in a restaurant....!!!

Ah Beng, I couldn't even come to comprehend how embarrassed I'd be if it ever happen at the restaurant!!!