Monday, March 1, 2010

My Bubble: Kicking The Habit!

Hey, today I've just completed exactly ONE MONTH into my RETIREMENT! Time really really flies.

It was sheer EXCITEMENT when I made THE decision to retire. Then came pure JOY followed by complete CONTENTMENT. It lasted only 2 weeks before the old self returned! It wreaked havoc!!

Like hubby said; "When you were working, you were stressed up all the time. Now no more working, still stressed up!"

OLD HABIT DIES HARD!!! But at least I'm able to recognised it nowadays. I think that's a PLUS point, don't ya think so? I'm trying! I'm trying to let go as much as possible ... I want to take things slowly, one step at a time. I want to be completely LAID-BACK and LOVING my retirement.

Maybe it's the current hot dry spell or maybe it's because I've yet to kick the habit ... been kinda under the weather this past few days. After sending the kids to school this morning, I crept back into bed again at 8.00am and woke up close to noon. 'Twas certainly my FIRST!

Hey Cheryl, I've mastered your skill ... creeping back into bed after all the chores. Is this good or bad???

Anyway, guess my BRAIN's working again! My runny nose was blocked, so was my brain earlier. Alittle energised already after the continued sleep, perhaps I'll pop-in to the gym for some strength training after fetching the kids from school.

"Stop worrying, don't worry, things will run its course in due time," says ME to MYSELF.  "Hey MYSELF, kick the habit ... else I'll have to kick MYSELF!!"

Life is a succession of moments. 
To live each one is to succeed.

4 Bubbles:

welcome to the 'sleeping beauty' club! That's a good start - hahahaha!

Well, no bad or good lah. For me, I'm glad I can do so because that gives me more rest. With better rest, I will be more i think, the conclusion is good!

I had to give full support to what I do best mah...and now, 1 more member to the club....practice makes perfect!

The extra rest is a good thing--especially since you weren't feeling well! This time you needed it...maybe next time you'll just enjoy it. =)

Like hubby said; "When you were working, you were stressed up all the time. Now no more working, still stressed up!"
You should be " Now no more working, should dress up and have afternoon tea...take life one step at a time. keep you feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!!. You'll get used to it

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. Still not too well, that's why my responses seem so brief.