Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Bubble: Monetising My Blog Again

When I first started blogging, I thought to myself; "This will probably be a good way to earn some part-time pocket money. Who knows, if the income is sufficiently good, I might just turn into a full-time blogger!"

After all, I've read about several local bloggers who has gone into full-time blogging after their hobby brought them a steady stream of income. So what's to stop me from joining the bandwagon?

That was a year ago. Then ...

The more I blog, the more I enjoyed this outlet to express myself, a freedom to scribble my thoughts ... so much so that making money online took a backseat. By the time I reached the first anniversary, I was totally out-of-sync with how much I'm earning through my Google Adsense. By the way, the income is really really trickling in ... definitely not enough to support me. How did those bloggers do it? Earning a steady monthly income that sufficed them to be full-time bloggers. I want to know! I have to learn!!

Being recently retired, I've started reviewing all those avenues to monetise my blog again. With time on my hand, hopefully I'll find the right source for myself. Every $$$$ counts now!

Life is a succession of moments. 
To live each one is to succeed.

6 Bubbles:

Submit your sites to search engines, it helps.

You can also read up on the many articles on the Net to learn how to increase traffic.

Countdown to my retirement. Sniff.

Two years ago (before I started blogging) my wife encouraged me to do that--start a blog to make money. Her idea was for me to give men advice on dating, marriage, fatherhood. But I suspect you know at least one of the problems with that idea--men only take advice from people who agree with them!!! Unless we're desperate, we only want enablers. =)

Good luck!

I just wrote a long comment here and then my laptop crashed :(

I try to be shorter this time:

1 What Shingo said, helps. I submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Naver and get many hits from there, most from Google of course.

2 Write a popular post that people like to read. I have few, most are about Asian women and Google gives me 2000+ hits on just the Elly Tran Ha post, which is simple, only her introduction and links.

3 Always link out to external sources. If I write an informational post either about Asian women, Breitling watches, Learning Chinese or about Taiwan, I always give links out and I see many people find my blog useful and either return or link to me. My blog posts ended up on many forums and other websites.

4 Write SEO titles. SEO is search engine optimization. If I wrote a title "A cute girl" I won't get any hits from Google. So I write "Elly Tran Ha, Vietnamese beauty" and get 2000+ hits every month. Hence, all my titles are very specific and want to attract googlers. Instead of "I'm tired" I rather write "I'm tired in Taipei". Of course the more hits I get, the more annoying people I get, too. Also more spammers. People judge me very quickly through my blog, just by the titles, but they have no clue why I do that and who I really am. I've gotten a thicker skin lately.

5 Be active on other blogs and forum. It's good, if your blog is linked on forums, that are interested for example in Law of Attraction, the topic you know so much about. You need to get those readers, they will love your blog. So go in forum, link (but not by spamming) and engage in discussions. I comment on many blogs, who are also interested in Asia and I get their readers come to my blog.

Now my blog's hits really increased in recent months, but I don't make any money. Maybe one day I will, but they say you need at least 10.000 hits a day to make some concrete money. I only have 7.500 monthly hits, daily is 250. So I'm far from that goal, but who knows, maybe one day. I know Taiwanese blogs get a lot of hits, so if I get linked on some popular Taiwanese blog, I may get lucky :)

Good luck to you, sis! :D

(oops, I was even longer this time)

Hey, thanks guys for the advices. Really appreciate them. I'm trying to make myself understand more technically.

I'm really a slow learner!

Perhaps you would like to add more stuff to your blog to attract more variety of readers. Places of interest in Msia/your travel experience, cooking recepies (family secrets, heh2) , places to eat, movies review, etc3. All the best.

Hi YB, thanks for the suggestions. Will definitely give them some consideratons.