Monday, March 22, 2010

My Bubble: Photography Challenge

"SHOOT, SEND & WIN" ... the first prize is RM6,000. This photography challenge is organized by Gamuda Berhad, a company that's developing the neighborhood where I stay. Could be an easy way to make money huh?

Perhaps ... I just have to engage my Nikon D5000, find that extraordinary shot, shoot it and send it in. Oh yeah, I need to come up with a slogan too. So, what's the problem?

HUGE PROBLEM! After I've taken all the shots that I want to shortlist, I've come to realise that my file sizes are just too small according to their stated requirement. Submission is supposed to be no smaller than 5MB per photo and mine was taken at half the size ... ARGHHHHHH!!!

Now I have to reinvent my photography all over again. I need new inspirational ideas for my photography. I need uniqueness to standout. Much to my chagrin, it's been raining dogs and cats almost every evening this past week. Evenings are best since there's abundance of activities within the community during those hours to find creative shots. Mornings ... ??? Urghhhhhh, time's running out ... deadline 31 March 2010.


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5 Bubbles:

5MB??? Those are big files. It seems they should want files no larger than 5MB.

You've got a good eye, so I'm sure you'll find great subjects.

Thanks RicAdeMus. This is a housing developer. So I guess they'll use the prize picture for their marketing posters which would need enlargement.

its all in the composition i guess. same pic, diff angle, diff composition...will make the perfect pic.

The rain can be a great source of inspiration, you know :D All the best in your contest Wenny :D

I would suggest an early morning shot with the dews visibly are good at minute little unnoticeable form of life...That will be seen as a serene, pure and natural environmental atmosphere to be in...All the best