Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Nikon: Life In Miniature

A miniature ecosystem existing in our midst totally unnoticed. A tiny Syrphidae, an important pollinator of flowering plants performing its task the way nature has intended it to be.

Our world is so humongous in comparison but do we also exist as miniatures totally unnoticed or we are doing great things to be recognised or remembered?

Life is a succession of moments. 
To live each one is to succeed.

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As long as my family remembers me fondly after I'm gone, I'll be happy!

that's a beautiful picture and a wonderful 'reminder' to all of us 'big people'.

little things does means a whole lot....

Hey RicAdeMus, me too! Well said.

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the compliment.

You know that fly is so tiny, I wouldn't have notice it without the camera lens. Yet, there's life running its own course in their tiny world.

You are right that your camera lens magnified the tiny fly so that it become very visible in the naked eye....
Imagine if a tiny or petty problem being magnified like the fly and blown out of proportion...This would create havoc...
Sometime, it is good to know that the fly are there ecological cycle exist and just walk pass them...They need a break too....

Hi Anonymous, eventhough the tiny fly exist in its tiny ecological world, its existence is still very important to the existence of the world as a whole. Unfortunately, how many people ever know they exist, much less gave it recognition.
On a personal level, we too are important in co-existence with friends and kins. Therefore, we should not allow ourselves to live amongst them unnoticed.