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Law Of Attraction: Show Me The Money!

Most of the people join adsense with a dream, to own their dream car from whatever oodles of cash they could pour into their bank accounts from this wonderful instrument. Sooner or later the reality hits them hard on their faces, when they find themselves fiddling with cents and pennies in their account for days, weeks and months to come. They write well, they do their SEO homework, brainstorm the keyword, even get good google traffic with 5000 page views a day. But, still just decimal amounts get added to their account, and they have to wait for months or rather years to get their first adsense check.

Law of attraction states that the more we intend something, the more it comes into our lives. "Like attracts like". And the same can be applied in your adsense revenue generation as well. My point is that, there is no harm in trying something, which could be fun, won't take much of your time or patience or investment, and can even prove to be fruitful to attract wealth,if it works well. Let us look into some easy to do exercise that can help you in programing your subconscious mind and facilitate you in getting your wealth beyond reason.

Following are certain law of attraction tips that can help you in getting more adsense revenue and manifesting abundance in your life:

1)  Make a specific goal:

The best way to decide on the amount of money you want to receive every month from Google adsense, is to focus on one goal you would like to achieve with the money you get. e.g. your goal can be to pay your monthly house rental from this amount, or if it is too much then decide to pay your monthly internet bill, or electricity bill with the adsense revenue. This will help you in getting micro-level knowledge and awareness about what you exactly want, and will further help you in gaining better focus.

2) Visualize:

It has been proven that 68 seconds of undivided focus and visualization can open the doors to your thought manifestation. Just visualize having received that google check in your mail box. If you are having troubles in doing this, you can just search for "Google adsense check" on google images. You will get plenty of nicely captured checks. Save the image. Alter it to have your name in it. Take a printout and just see it whenever you get time. Slowly, grasp the idea of having it with you now and enjoy the feeling of it.

3) Vision board and google adsense check:

You can make an "Adsense abundance" vision board. Just take a printout of the check you made above and stick it to a cardboard. You can also stick the image of your favorite watch or dress or anything else, you intend to buy from your adsense income. If you are having trouble in believing anything realistic from these images, I'd suggest you to take a snapshot of your adsense account earnings. Edit the "$1.67" earnings to "$167" or whatever amount you intend to get in a month. Take a printout and paste it on your vision board. Assure that the amount you've placed is realistic enough for you to believe. Now, daily before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning, see this vision board and intend to have these things with you at the moment.

4) Be grateful about your adsense income:

Be in an attitude of gratitude for the amount you already have in your adsense account. It doesn't matter if it is even $0.01. Just stop fussing about not making enough. I have this weird experience, which I want to share. I am an active member of Gratitudelog community, and whenever I update my gratitude list there, thanking for my adsense income, I always get some more cents added to my account. It could be a coincidence too, but I really feel great whenever I go and write my gratitude for the abundance and prosperity. Try it, you will feel the difference for sure.

5) Make a wish list of things you want to spend your goal amount on:

Once you have decided the adsense amount you want to focus on, just take pen and paper and write down the list of things you'd like to do with this additional money. It is actually fun, and a great exercise to raise your vibration. Your list can be - to buy one new dress every month from this adsense income. You can go ahead in choosing your favorite things from amazon or ebay, put them in your wishlist, add up the amount they all cost and consider them yours. Just play make-believe like this and money will surely manifest into your way.

6) Stop checking adsense account after every millisecond:

This is something, most of the people find extremely difficult to stop. Checking adsense account, every now and then can be sometimes frustrating and addicting too. I would suggest you to keep a check on it. The more frequently you check your account, the more there are chances that you have very less or probably no click in that 5 min. time frame. This may cause frustration and disappointment to some level, which you may or may not notice. By the law of attraction, this can prove quite harmful as well, since any subconscious feeling of disappointment may bar the way of riches to come to you. My idea is to make a routine or fix a time, when you want to check your adsense account. e.g. you can fix 9:00 pm every Wednesday and then 10 AM every Sunday. I am sure, this way you will feel even more delighted in getting the little or big surprises for the day.

7) Feel good and excited about what money you already have with you:

Stop lamenting about your money problems. According to positive psychology and law of abundance, this habit would repel money against you, as fast as a crow flies. Power positive thinking and try to feel excited about your present wealth. If feeling good about your current financial situation is tough for you, then check your bank statement. See the money there, feel happy that you have at least some savings with you. There are some people in this world who can't even afford to have three meals a day. Your financial freedom will make you feel better and more contented about your situation.

8) Write down a post, where you can entail the wonderful feeling of already having got your first check and about the abundance you are enjoying after having received your check. If you have trouble doing that, I'd suggest to read the success stories of people who have received the amount. This way you can get rid of the limiting beliefs like;

"I can not make it" or
"It seems impossible for me".
The success stories work as great morale boosters for me. Stay hopeful, continue with your actions and have faith.

9) Let it go:

This is probably the hardest thing you can do. But, I feel if you follow the above steps, it shouldn't be too tough to do this one. I am just asking you to say your prayer, work on your writings, do all the necessary work, believe in yourself and then just forget about it. The more you worry yourself about getting traffic, clicks and money, the more it will become a chore for you, and drain you off your energy. Therefore, it would be best if you just act, believe and let it go.

10) Make it a fun activity:

This point is a continuation to the previous one. Consider adsense to be your piggy bank, where the money keeps on getting stored, while you can have fun. Isn't it an amazing thought? The above exercises, should be done with a peaceful and playful mind. Just think about it, children can manifest their desires much better than us. Why is that so? Just because they are in the highest vibration of their thoughts. They don't have worries or anxieties to block their way to achieve what they want. Just try to be a child, make it fun and see the miracle and abundance coming your way into your adsense account, every single moment.
I hope you enjoyed reading the tips, and I feel they can be easily implemented, once you give them proper directions. If you are willing to implement these tips, I'd be eager to know if they helped or not. Best wishes!

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