Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Bubble: A Delayed Broadcast!

Today marks the 6th day to the dot that my internet connection has died on me! Gosh, I'm so handicapped. No internet? There's no life in me!

Now my blog is suffering a delayed broadcast coz I can only access the blogosphere when I visit Cheryl's shop or wait for the intermittent connections from ISP (like now as I type) ... and I have to hurry in case the connection goes off again.

P1 Wimax sucks! They do not have the subscribers' interests in mind, only interested to make money and more money. Soon they are just the same as Streamyx. Of late, they have been so aggressively promoting their services and recruiting new subscribers ... yet there's no improvement to their infrastructure in sight. This is at the expense of loyal pioneer subscribers like me!

Looks like I have to terminate P1 Wimax and find another alternative. Nothing works without the internet and I can't possibly rely on a friend's generosity forever!

Any suggestions folks?

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4 Bubbles:

Today is Earth Day and your Internet operator is doing his part.

Time to ditch your computer, and leave the house to smell the flowers. ^_^

We love IT, we hate IT! No problemo - anytime you are most welcome. Not just when the internet is down.. :)

Sorry Wenny! You should definitely get a refund.

Well, if my internet connection does not resume to its original capacity by next week, I'm definitely abandoning it soon. P1 Wimax has promised to allow my contract termination with a waiver of the termination fee.

Meanwhile, I'm considering bunking in at Cheryl's shop so that I can catch-up with my blogging without interruptions ... I should bring my sleeping bag along.